why is it that after years of knowing one thing to be true all d time one minor detail breaks it all…. why is that after changing oneself for ” better” we never feel better about it… if survival of the fittest is universally true then why do we find it difficult to accept it as a way of life.
why is it that when we follow the modes of survival of the fittest does our ways becum more primitive…..then my question today is why why at all do we get involved in this futile process of ” evolution”
the answer lies in two broadly divided categories one the cumulative effect , second advanced effect….. what are these… what does the word cumulative effect mean its like a chain reaction….. i abused him he’ll abuse XYZee….. i used him he’ll misuse me……so u see u may get confuse it with the peer pressure thingie but that is a very minuscule part of it.
for example relationships…. words like sacrifice and devotion hold no meaning if my partner, my so called … ” soul mate” doesnt follow them…. the basic essence of such words have lost their meaning. i dont blame those who feel like this… it is in fact the survival mode if one even ignores such things and continues to be a devout lover i doubt the results wud change at all, only to the xtent of causing more anguish and pain.
the advanced effect…. we have become so much involved in the so called ” fast life” that expecting us to get involved in the normal behavioral pattern is forcing us to effect our efficiency…… so out goes the conventional nothings and in cums our jet set go touches to our relationships and life alike……….
now i may have left the note a bit incomplete coz this is how far i can elucidate on darwins chicken egg theory but i knw theres more to it….. survival of the fittest has made us wht we are today and will make us what we will be tomm…. like einstein said fourth world war has to be with bows and arrows….. so is this where we take a u turn….. back to primitiveness redefined.

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