these were the words i received from a very dear friend of mine after he read my article survival of the fittest. i found some difficulty in understanding wat he meant but once i did we had a little chat. ill present his side of the view and then my own i wish everyone could contribute a little and make our this private discussion more wide.
what he had to say was that he always perceived me as a very cheerful person and that he understood my whole point of discussion and even agreed and felt the same(p.s those who have not read my previous note its survival of the fittest) but felt that the undertone of the article was very very serious….. he felt i shud have written the whole thing in a more upbeat manner like the whole topic is actually an adventure like a discovery. his point is that wen one feels such emotions of why this and why that he must always take it like a journey which has no definite answer and its like a ride where u dont know what may happen and so consequently its full of thrill of reaching the unknown.
now i happen to agree with him partly… but may side is that my article was written from the side of reaching that point where the thrill has finished where i know that i dont like the destination my adventure is over…. and i am looking at the repercussions of what i have as of now. then how can i feel the thrill and the adventure because its over for me and now its a u turn where i know i need to go bac from where i had started. and that my friend is not a very good feeling as we all already know. at this he he pointed out that still its a journey and everyone screw up over and over again in their life not all have to become so serious they need to enjoy the thrill and have fun……… at this i knw everyone screw up and that we all start over again……. but how many of us humanely remove the seriousness and again enjoy the joy ride….. and my second question is that is my friend’s line of thought a new beginning of our evolution… is now the fittest’s new definition acceptance and enjoying the game even if it has started infinite times over………

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