Lately i have been reading a lot about the political sham of BJP and i think finally my moment of reckoning has arrived, this note is my way of starting my political career though not literary…my friends would understand what am talking about..neways coming back to where i started ..after the BJP debacle i think i dont belong to a democratic nation any more..i dont want to live in such a hypocritic society where to the foreign world we want to project ourselves as the epitome of broad mindedness whereas deep within we know that we dont want people expressing their opinions against our interests..all we want is a bunch of bootlickers around us and when one out of the million like our former foreign minister Jaswant Singh choses to opt out of it he is rewarded with a decent amount of public humiliation….do these saffron clad mongers really think that they can resolve the issues of their failure(during the recent lok sabha polls) without the people who my opinion there is no need for all those “chintak baithak” cause BJP wont taste success again in future unless it sets out to resolve thier personal issues first..I dont understand why the fact that Jaswant Singh has praised Jinnah cause such a furore among the BJP it cause of
thier fanaticism for “Hindutva” or is it because they dont know how to use a situation to their advantage..
In my opinion they are the sort of people who see a glass half empty rather than seeing it half full.they just acknowledged the fact that Jaswant singh has gone against the party principles oh HINDUTVA but they failed to see that Jaswant Singh had also written that congress had a big hand in partitioning India..they could have used to their advantage (dont they learn lessons from the senior PDP leader who claimed that Omar abdullah was involved in a rape case)..they surely dont know good marketing skills..There are a few people who believe in a tit for tat attitude but surely Jaswant Singh doesnt belong to this clan..he accepted the decision of the bjp cabinet without protesting because probably he is one out of those millions who dont believe in bootlicking and stand for what they believe even if they have to pay such a huge price…
All this has led my mind thinkn whether we have been successful in establishing democray at the grass root level?

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