“5000” I thought inside my head. Yes only five thousand more and I will buy the shop. I have been saving for now over two years and well come this first I will have enough cash to fulfill my dream. 

Look around, there are so many empty chairs inside the dining space. Suresh never bothered to evaluate his business. But well I who has been visiting this place almost everyday I have the plan ready inside my head. With this 5000 I will have enough cash to make the deal. Why am I so sure he will make it? 
Look around again, the empty seats are a testimony to the piling losses. 
What will I do when I have purchased it? Will I start a new business? Will I rent it out? No, I will not destroy. I will continue the shop as it is. Situated across the knowledge park in this area its profitability is actually limitless, provided someone can think.
“Ek samosa,” I heard a customer ask.
Still the same old samosas. Did he even know that today making a burger and a samosa cost the same. Yet the price and demand of the other is far more. He is a good man, I know. But whether he can be a businessman of same acumen hard to say.
I will take away his livelihood. I felt guilty about it. But then its not like he is earning too much through this. I know the financials, with everything subtracted as running costs he is hardly left with anything. May be I can employ him? I don’t think I can afford him though. But then he has been a good friend. He has. Maybe I will support him for a while, not like charity but in exchange of work. Of course. I will not just be a good human being, business comes first.
Perhaps a seperate coffee parlour adjacent to the main eating area. It can be a futuristic plan. With the accounts that I have prepared projecting the profits in the coming months. I think it will not be an extremely futuristic plan. 
And then I will marry her. Yes in my whole trajectory of calculations, it was here straight after I have opened the coffee parlour that I will marry her. I will have enough to take a break for a month. To go on honeymoon. Suresh can manage the shop then. Oh! I never thought about it. I think I should employ Suresh he will after all be of some help to me. Sujata will be happy. I have told her about my plan so many times. They all mocked me, my friends but well she never doubted. She truly loves me. 
“A samosa,” another customer asks for the same thing.
“Neeraj,” in came the shrill voice of Suresh.
I didn’t reply only looked up. 
“Are you again day dreaming? Will you please come and cater to the customers for once? I don’t know why I have even employed you for two years. Majority of the losses of my business are because of you,” he continued to scream at me in front of the customer.
Did I say he was a good human being? Well at that time I must be seriously day dreaming. 
I got up and walked to the counter. A rather embarrassed customer faced me.
                    *                                                          *                                                    *
After five days.
“Here this is your salary. I have cut two days’ pay for your leaves,” Suresh handed over a stack of cash to me. 
“Suresh are you interested in selling your shop?” I asked him innocently.
“Yes I am. But nobody wants to buy this shit hole,” he barked back.
I took out the money from the bag and added five thousand from the salary I had just received.
“Here this is two lakhs rupees. I am interested in buying the shop,’ I spoke very softly.
Why are you risking all your hard earned cash on a business that you already know is deep in dump,” he spoke looking very shocked.
“Because you live only once,” I answered rather happily.
This has been written on prompt “you live only once” through Write Tribe
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