I have been wanting to run away from my house for as long as I can remember. There was this one time when I thought I would skip school and go, but it was too hot that day so I dropped the plan. And then when mother left me to eat icecream on the bench, while she shopped, I had an opportunity. I did and I thought real hard about it. But then suddenly I realised she has gone shopping for me. That pink dress she is going to buy is quite pretty. Perhaps I may need that dress in my world tour, say in Paris or London or when I go see the Pope.

So that was that, it has now been almost three years since I turned ten. I have been planning to run away from my house ever since. I hope you understand I love my parents they are the sweetest people you can meet but then they don’t want to travel the world. How can I be so sure? Because once I asked mom whether she thought Europe was a beautiful continent and she replied she prefers India. She thinks that its far more picturesque than any other place. She is usually not a motivated person, but then this is such a defeatist way of life. You have not even seen the rest of the world and you have a judgement ready.

But today I will run away. The bag is packed, my little diary is well stuck in the side pocket and I have stolen a couple of things. A camera, a small swiss knife and some vaseline. It is the first time I could steal but then it was remotely easy, they were all kept in the bottom most drawer of my cupboard.

Now I need to wait for Papa to go. Mummy will go to the bank and grandma will continue to sleep. So that is it. I have the plan ready. I am already excited.

What is happening? Why are these people not going? Mummy is screaming about something and grandma is awake listening to the charade. Something has not gone right. Let me go down and see.

“I don’t want to hear you say that ever again,” she was screaming at the top of her voice.

Now I would have to wait. I would have to stand by till these people sort out their everyday matters. Look at her screaming, does she realise she looks quite weird when she does that. The way she winces her eyes while increasing her volume at the same time.

I slumped down on the bed. I had to wait a minimum of an hour going by statistical data of the past thirteen years. She would take some time to calm down.

“Are you coming down for lunch?” I could hear someone screaming at the top of their voice.

One. It is now one o clock and my days are getting numbered. I overslept. I will never be able to run away from this house. Its all a waste I am telling you it is. I don’t know why I even muster to make a plan.  Now poor Babita will have to wait more. She must be sitting idle at the bus stop. Babita, of course it would be quite boring to travel alone so I asked her to go ahead of me. Probably clear some air for the world to know who is coming. She has been with me ever since she was a three month old puppy. We are taking a bus. A bus down to the airport. There I will take a flight to Greece.

Greece is a wonderful place to go to. All the mills boons books have these Greek God like men and they are always quite romantic. I am thirteen not ten. Didn’t I tell you it has been three years I have been making this plan? Initially it was purely Lonely planet kind of vacation but then a girl needs to get settled and I thought perhaps I could visit Greece first and then take along a Greek God to Paris. Because Paris is the romance capitol of the world and I don’t think romance can be done with only Babita as company.

“Lunch!” mother screamed right at my head. I was a little scared but like always I could see her wince the eyes while shouting. I always noticed that. It made her a bit bearable. You would want to know why? Even if you didn’t I would tell you. It is because I start seeing her as an object of observation and not mother so a lot of her mistakes or untoward behavior gets converted into research rather than hurt. You get it right? If you don’t then its probably because you wince your eyes too while screaming. Because even mum doesn’t get a lot of things about me. I hope though for your own sake you get the whole world tour plan. For your sake because if you don’t then you like her are beyond redemption.

There is eggplant again. She loves doing this, if she is in a bad mood she wants the world to resonate the same. And she doesn’t have much control over world events except for cooking breakfast lunch and dinner. So she extracts revenge through these.

Now she will go off to sleep and for a while everything in this house will stop. The plants forget to continue with photosynthesis the television company switch off their satellites so that the kids in the house don’t do the mistake of entertaining themselves. And the only thing that moves in the house is her heaving chest, which goes up and down and she breathes.

I tiptoed across the hall to finally taste freedom. Babita must be thirsty and we don’t know if the water at airport is safe and clean. Let me take a bottle of water with me and some biscuits. I manuevered my gait to first visit the kitchen and then go out.

There is water and the biscuits on the side rack. But there are some chocolates in the freezer. And the fruit cake on the upper shelf and yes chips in the bottom drawer. Let me pack it all. Who knows whether Greece has such good quality food or not. I know only about their scenic beauty no one says they have the world’s best biscuits. Though the world doesn’t say that for India too but then I have tasted these and for me they are okay. Better than okay in fact, let me take all of them together. Mum and dad never have much use of these, they hardly eat such good things.


The glass petjar went flying out of my hands somehow and went into pieces. The sound was loud enough to wake up the sleeping giant and the movement in the house was not just her heaving chest but also her swift steps. The eyes were also burning. They were not wincing, that would start in a while. For now the eyes are gearing up for the exercise to approach.

“Get back to your room now!!” and the wincing of eyes began.

I ran back to my room. I guess we need to now go out at night. I didn’t want to do this. I never wanted to run away at night because that is so cliche. Everyone does that and it is very boring. No no, its not because ghosts and spirits are out at night no it is not because of that. Its just plain simple regular.

So its decided minutes after everyone sleeps I need to sneak out. That is the plan.

“Dinner!!” she always announces food like the news is for someone being taken to gallows.

And trust me the food is slightly better than being made to reach for the gallows.

I was looking at the clock, its eight another two hours and they would all escape into wilderness of slumber. There would be no further issues. I have already packed all the food in the evening when she went grocery shopping. So now there would be no glass breaking nothing. This is it. The excitement builds up. I feel a bit bad for Babita, she has been waiting for a while now. But then its okay her home is only a couple of blocks away, she can always take a break. Imagine if I told them about Babita, there would be a lot of wincing of eyes.

But in my defense I asked them for a pet and they vehemently refused. I had no choice, I found her whimpering on the road sides and I knew she was mine. No one was listening to her complaints just like no one does to me. And now it has been three years and we are going strong together.

“So the first stop would be Greece and then from there Paris,” I head father speak.

“Don’t look so surprised. We are taking you on a world tour,” mother replied, she sighed and smiled. Only she could know what that even meant.

A world tour? Now I would have to change this plan too. Scrap it and come up with something else. Such spoilers my parents are what can I say.

I finished my dinner and went upstairs. I opened my diary and cut across the words written in blue “World tour”. I moved on to the second page, there written in same ink were different words “A trip to moon.”

Now I need to contact Nasa also besides running away from home. This is getting a bit cumbersome  Perhaps though I might meet that Greek God at NASA.

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