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She had wanted him to die. She had. In fact she had prayed he
would every single night after that incident. But then could she really accept
the fact now.
She could see him through the little glass window, state of the
art machines were now connected to his almost lifeless body.
“Here coffee,”
Samantha’s thoughts got broken by someone’s soft voice. 
The little boy was ten. In fact
ten years, seven months and five days. Every single day was worth the time
spent with him. She smiled at him, she somewhere knew he needed her to smile.
But what brought about was something she couldn’t fathom.
He started to cry. 
“Mum, will he get fine? I
don’t want him to die. I don’t want him to,” Tony stuttered through the
Tony of course loved him a lot.
Roger was his hero. He had been quite a good dad, Samantha agreed grudgingly
inside her head. 
“He will get fine, honey.
Now come on stop crying and give me that coffee,” Samantha spoke
soothingly and drew Tony close to give a hug.
          *                                              *                                              *
“Will it take something else to make you realise that I am human?”
Samantha could never forget that night. Her marriage had been a farce from day
one. Roger had been a womaniser something she took long to come to terms with.
Tony was almost two and Roger was not allowing her to walk out of
the marriage. It was his money that made him so confident. He knew he would buy
the best lawyers and would never allow a dime to Samantha. But that is not what
had scared her, the thought that he would contest Tony’s custody that did.
She recalled she was an at home mother and her financials would
make it very easy for judge to pass the custody to Roger.
So she prayed that Roger dies.
          *                                              *                                              *
“Mam he wants to see you inside,” the nurse spoke in crisp tone.
She walked in, Roger was awake and conscious. She could still
observe the sinusoidal curves of the machines and somewhere the moving lines
helped her to remain stable. She never thought his death would affect her, adversely.
“How is Tony,” these were his first words.
“He is fine. He of course is taking it slightly hard,”she replied
“And you? You must be happy,” he spoke in a hushed tone, and very
surprisingly he had tears in his eyes.
Samantha didn’t know what to say and of course she knew she couldn’t
lie. After years of marriage no matter how it was, one knows when the other is
“Shockingly, I am broken inside. I have been trying to tell myself
this is what I wanted I should be happy. But I am not,” she spoke haltingly,
the tears choking her throat.
“When I watched that truck colliding into the car I knew I am
going to die. I could only think of you. I promised myself if God gave me a
second chance to live, it would be only for you,” he replied quietly yet
*                                                          *                                                          *
And he survived.

The post has been written for White Tribe
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