She moved very close. Very close to him. It was not something she did voluntarily. He had been giving her those looks which spoke volumes of love he had for her. The night was getting dimmer outside and yet brighter in her heart. He was wearing her favourite shirt and the buttons had been deliberately left open for her to imagine things that can happen.

But she was somehow still not convinced. There was still time in dawn. And there were things she thought she needed to discuss. But why at all do we even have to involve ourselves in this? She thought. Just a nice plain romantic conversation should make do. No? Is this how all women think? She wondered.

“Sakshi?” his voice broke her thoughts suddenly.

She looked up, he had a strange expression on his face now. She wondered what had she done to evoke that. Is her worth only till she complies? She couldn’t help but think all this. She had waited all day to meet him and now he had not even spoken the three magical words for her. He had rather quickly dimmed the lights and initiated the business. The business. That’s how men see it. Or they say women see it that ways? To get it over with and then proceed with life. Who is she fooling? She thought. Of course its us women who see it as business, for them this is more like a necessity. If they say men are from Mars and woman are from venus, then boy Mars must be one helluva a hot place all the time. Poor Venus never even fathoms such expressions of love.

“Anil, I was wondering if we could talk for a while?” she spoke softly.

She could sense his discomfort instantly.

Of course he is not interested in any small talk. But then how can he sound so politically incorrect? He has to comply. What will it take a little bit of banter and some acting. Soon he will be back to business again. He thought inside his head.

“Yes of course darling. I am always here for you,” he replied in his smooth voice.

Smooth voice, that is what did the trick. Otherwise, that Mehrotra boy was also not bad. She thought. All these years she keeps thinking how life would be different if Mehrotra had been quicker in expressing his love. Anil was always the flamboyant one and so poor she all of twenty two fell to his charms.

Now too she falls to his tantrums if not charms.

“Will it be okay if we buy that microwave over tomorrow? There is a sale and things will be cheap,” she spoke obsequiously.

He looked at her. Always trying to extract something out of me. At this hour also all she can think of is some monetary gain. Women I tell you!

“Honey we talked about it! We are going to wait till Diwali. So can you please stop asking it over and over again?” He started to gather momentum to his speech.

She didn’t reply. She could sense the age old caution of an impending fight haunt her mind.

She only smiled weakly and spoke, “Achha you love me na?”

He looked at her, this woman is crazy, he thought.

“No I don’t love you. Gosh Sakshi how many times do you have to hear that in one day!” he exclaimed.

“That’s it now I am going off to sleep. I have had enough of you. Always making me feel like I am the only one who cares for the two of us in this relationship,” she replied haughtily and turned over on her side of bed to sleep.

Here it goes, he thought. Now we either will have a long night or a shorter night with no ‘play’. Really? Why do these women do this? I think its part of their act to play ‘hard to get’. It is quite irritating anyway, he thought.

“Awww baby, I love you! I am so sorry its just that office takes the life out of me. You know you are my baby sweetie,” he drew her close to him and spoke very softly.

She looked into his eyes. All she could see was lust. There was no love he was trying to profess.

“I love you too,” she replied.

“Now now will my girl not show me how much she loves. Come here give me a kiss,” he spoke sweetly.

She quickly kissed him.

“And so what were we talking about?” she asked instantly. Wanting to get back to her kind of business.

“I told you Diwali honey. So let it be. Now why don’t we talk about the colour of your eyes. Come close let me see it properly,” he spoke in his soft seductive voice.

“No. First tell me will we buy the microwave?” she asked him with a fierce expression.

He looked at her with a strange expression which suddenly mellowed into something smoother and then something darker.

“Yes tomorrow the first thing,” he replied smilingly.

She smiled sweetly and quietly moved closer to him.

“So yes how light is the colour of your eyes,” he spoke teasingly.

He kissed her real deep and while keeping one hand behind her neck, swiftly switched off the lamp.

                          *                                                            *                                                   *
“Sakshi! Breakfast!” he shouted behind the newspaper.

She walked in slowly with the breakfast table.

He placed the newspaper on the side and picked up the mug of tea. He raised his head to absorb the full scene in front.

“What’s the occasion? Why are you so dressed up?” he asked surprisingly.

“For shopping of course. Last night you promised today morning we would go to buy the microwave,” she spoke happily.

He raised his eyebrows and frowned a little more.

“Sakshi, how many times do I have to tell you the microwave will be bought in Diwali. Now please go and get me some sugar you have forgotten to put it in tea. You remember nothing it seems,” he replied sternly.

She looked aghast and spoke haltingly, ” But didn’t you say last night before we, I mean. You said we would go, you promised!”

“Sakshi I only remember telling you to buy the microwave in Diwali and I have told that a million times. Now will you go to the kitchen and get some sugar or should I myself proceed,” he replied with deep tones of bitterness.

She knew she had been beaten. She knew she had received the checkmate in this game. Well well its a long life. It isn’t like the people from Venus don’t know the game, next time it will be slightly different. For now lets just accept the defeat graciously to remove all doubts of impending revenge.

“Of course honey, I will just go and get. I am so sorry for being so hyperly forgetful. Two spoons of sugar then?” she said very sweetly.

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