Many many days had passed and of course she had not called me. I was not going to let her believe she could have it her way. After all it was she who had walked out on me and I wasn’t going to let her getaway with this behavior this time.

Last month also I had a minor altercation with her over some random spoiled milk. And then of course she felt I was not giving her space. Well I could say the same to her. But then I was never the one to complain. I had always received great satisfaction in knowing I was the one with a better sense of judgement. 
Except of course when I chose her. I should have gone for the other sister. I had known all along. Well now its almost seven long years too late. Who would have known she wasn’t the shy self she pretended to be back then.
“Has she come back?” I heard mother speak on the other side of phone.
“Who?” I asked slowly.
“Don’t play games with me. I know you have worked up yourself over her leaving the house. Tell me has she come back?” she spoke keeping the tone persistent.
I didn’t reply instantly. I remained quiet to express my discomfort at her questions.
“Who doesn’t have issues? Do you think it doesn’t happen in our lives? It does obviously. But the maturity lies in keeping all these things behind us,” she continued.
I kept down the phone without speaking a single word. I knew I was being affected, I was feeling abjectedly alone in that little apartment. I had decided to take a two room set, it was my personal call. I felt it would be enough for the two of us together. But then yesterday when she threw all the utensils and crashed the precious Bone China, I knew that I should have heard her annoyance when we moved into the small abode.
But I loved her. You have to understand that I always thought she would get it. I am a small time businessman and spending lavishly is something I want to do but cannot.
I looked at the empty space in the bedroom where she often sat to soak in the sunshine. The corner in kitchen she would always smile from. And the little bean bag in the hall she slumped while watching TV.
Who was I kidding I needed her back. I missed her way too much. I need to place the call. I need to figure out a way to bring her back.
The telephone rang midway. And my thoughts got sharply broken. 
“What! I will be there in another fifteen minutes,” I screamed into the phone.

                        *                                                   *                                               *

“Where is she?” A harrowed me asked the woman behind the desk.
Her confused expression did little to alleviate my apprehensions.
“Mr. Naresh Goyal, you had called me a while back,” I rushed.
Comprehension flooded across her face and she instantly pointed towards a room on the side.
I ran all the way to the door. But I stopped a couple of inches before opening it. How can I let go of the fact that she did desert me? I should not look so anxious to meet her, some composure would go a long way to satiate my ego. 
After ensuring that my demeanour is a little within boundaries I finally opened the door.
Seeing her I skipped a beat, I almost wanted to run and pick her in my arms but I knew better than to react like that. She had walked out on me, fact still stands.
But before I could even summarise the situation she ran towards me and in an instant began to scratch me all over. The overflow of affection broke my restraint and I too reciprocated by hugging her tight. 
“Tabby, this was the name on the leash. I hope this is your cat?” the doctor’s voice broke a few moments off from the madness of reunion.
I nodded vigorously.
“Are you sure? Have you double checked this is your cat?” he asked again.
Have I double checked? It didnt take me more than a nanosecond to know. I had perhaps not even seen her properly. I knew she was my little Tabby all of seven years, definitely more troublesome than her elder sister (who is with mummy) but well I love her! With all my heart I missed her.
“Yes doctor thank you so much for informing,” I gushed.
“Well you must thank your mother who called to inform about the cat being missing. We found Tabby on the bus stop and well we knew she was domestic by her polished grooming,” he remarked.
Polished grooming! Ha! He has not seen the broken plates and the cracked glass vase back in my house.
I picked up Tabby and went whistling away back home. Until next time the two room set can now have its second occupant back πŸ™‚ 
Written as a part of prompt by Write Tribe
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