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And the air got lighter it seemed, inside Radha’s heart alacrity burst. She suddenly started to feel the reaction proceed.

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“Maa, you seem to be very happy today. Something happened at work,” a rather surprised Arti couldn’t comprehend the sudden change in Radha’s behavior.

They had finally talked and after fourteen years confessed to each other their most heartfelt emotions. They knew that now a decision had to be reached and the culmination of their love facilitated.

Radha though oblivious to what was happening around her, did feel a little pained to observe Arti. She knew that her biggest challenge was now that thirteen year old. She had to find ways to melt Arti, in fact she had almost designed the path for it.

“So Arti, tomorrow we will have dinner at Sangeeta aunty’s place. She specifically invited you,” Radha spoke happily.

“Mumma why? Do we have to go,” Arti’s reaction was much beyond disappointment.

Radha smiled at her nervously and hugged, “Yes darling she has even bought a set of teddy bears for you.”

Of course Radha knew why Arti was so uncomfortable at the thought of visiting Sangeeta’s place. Somewhere it unnerved her to realise that the journey to redemption might be tougher.

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“But why are we calling them for dinner?” Kavita exclaimed.

“Because they are our friends, Kavita,” Sangeeta replied nonchalantly.

“Why did you not ask me before inviting them?” Kavita spoke in a rather upset voice.

“Because I thought someday you would realise how stupid you were being by reacting like this. And then such polite encounters will help you see things in better light,” Sangeeta spoke in a harsher tone this time round.

“I have a bad feeling that a few years down the line I would curse the day I met Radha,” Kavita answered back rather angrily.

Sangeeta could see the trend. One thing will lead into another and before anyone of them would realise, they would have fought with each other. She looked at Kavita, Sangeeta imagined a time without her. Without her irrational behavior, over the top expressions and sarcastic language, Sangeeta shuddered to imagine.

“Do it for me. Lets please be nice to them. They are good company. And then Arti is such a cute girl. Now cheer up and please don’t bring up a fight on this,” Sangeeta dropped her anger and started to speak in soften tones.

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“Hello Radha, hi Arti sweety. How are you?” Kavita greeted the visitors at the door.

Radha returned a weak smile but Arti didn’t even muster that. She only nodded and quietly followed inside, holding her mother’s hands.

“How are the two of my favourite people in the world doing?” Sangeeta spoke beaming all over.

Something is strange, Sangeeta seems to be in an over the top happy mood. Kavita thought to herself rather deeply.

“What will you like to drink? Should I get you some juice Arti?” Sangeeta asked Arti politely.

Arti managed a soft smile and a generous nod to accept the favour.

Sangeeta instantly bolted out of the room to get the desired beverage.

Kavita was finally left alone with the two guests and her weird thoughts inside.

“How is school Arti?” Kavita tried an ice breaker.

“Its good. The summer break is almost round the corner,” Arti answered rather quietly.

“Time flies. Here it was spring when we had shifted back to the university and now look Summer is round the corner,” Radha commented.

“How true! Time does fly. It seems like only yesterday when you came visiting me in office,” Sangeeta’s voice boomed in the background indicating her impending return.

Almost everyone raised their head to watch a quick stepping Sangeeta approach them.

“Here Arti, a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and cookies to accompany,” Sangeeta kept down the tray on the side table and served the little girl herself.

Arti didn’t say anything, she only stared at Sangeeta first and then at her mother. She had acquired a strange sense of discomfort on her face.

“Mumma can we please go home?” she uttered rather frantically.

to be contd. at “Will you at least be honest enough?”-Part 26

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