Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
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“Forget Sangeeta, tell me how is married life?” Radha asked, drawing a chair next to Pinkie.

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“Your sister left?” Sangeeta asked in between mouthfuls of gulab jamun.

“Yes today morning. She took the eight o’clock bus,” Radha replied.

“She is a strange fellow. Doesn’t seem like she is your sister,” Sangeeta continued, without as much as raising her head from the lunch plate.

Radha laughed and said, ” Initially everyone feels like that about her. But spend sometime with her she isn’t so bad.”

“I an still recall her shocked expression when I told her why I don’t like me,” Sangeeta spoke in jest.

Radha smiled, ” Well will you blame her? Its a little difficult to accept initially.”

“Yes I remember, how you asked me sitting in same chair the first day- ‘when did you come to realise’,” Sangeeta said.

“You had understood my question and still you didn’t speak!” Radha exclaimed.

“Well you were a complete stranger to me then. How could I answer such a personal question,” Sangeeta replied.

“Well then why was I not stranger enough to tell about your orientation,” Radha commented cheekily.

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“I was eight at that time,” Sangeeta suddenly started to speak.

It was nine in the night and after an early dinner, Radha and Sangeeta had decided to take a walk around campus in abject silence. The silence which was soon broken in ten minutes by that weird remark.

Sangeeta turned to see Radha who looked quite confused at the statement.

“I was eight when I had my first kiss. And I just knew I was different from the rest,” Sangeeta carried forward the conversation.

“Who was the girl?” Radha asked with a curious cat look.

“It was a boy. I hated the kiss. I could barely remain within myself after that. I thought it was one of the most ugly feelings I had felt all my life,” Sangeeta replied, she had now leveled her gaze with Radha’s.

Radha only smiled and nodded  a bit.

“After that too I wasn’t totally confirm. But then when I finally realised that the girl who was my best friend meant the world to me, my doubts started to rise. But when did I knew that this is it?” Sangeeta took a pensive pause here.

The rustle of the leafs on the ground due to wind filled up the lull in the conversation. Radha waited patiently to hear Sangeeta’s story.

“Yes it was also because I was more comfortable with boys. You know what I mean? Like probably you are more at peace around girls, because you don’t have an adrenalin rush of meeting an opposite sex. In my case the same sex was the culprit,” she smiled mischievously at the end of these words.

Radha now began to really understand somethings about her. But some of course remained unanswered.

“Sangeeta, here when you are walking with me how do you feel? The adrenalin rush which makes one conscious or the camaraderie of a casual friend,” Radha spoke these words and locked her eyes with Sangeeta. She somewhere wanted more than just words to answer this question.

And suddenly the phone began to ring. Flashing the name of Sushant.

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