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Sangeeta only smiled and shook her head, “No nothing as such. Just a glass of water, Shikhar.”

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“Radha, I met Shikhar yesterday night. Apparently he has not left town,” Sangeeta spoke slowly.

Radha looked up with surprise and confusion but she chose to remain silent.

The weather was stormy and the incessant rain outside had made it difficult for them to take their ritualistic night walk outside. They were indoors, sitting across each other in Sangeeta’s room.

“They didn’t start the generator, its been quite sometime. The candle will sniff out in another five minutes,” Radha replied, avoiding all forms of face-off with Sangeeta for now.

Sangeeta rose from her chair and walked to the cupboard on the side. She picked up the bunch of candles lying there and returned rather briskly.

“Here. We have enough candles to last five night in a row without electricity. Will you now tell me what’s going on? Shikhar seems to have the idea that you really like him,” Sangeeta continued.

“Where did you meet him?” Radha asked sharply.

“I was going to the market when I found him standing outside campus. He was wanting to meet you but seeing me he became conscious. After about a few minutes he asked me for dinner. You had cancelled on our plan and so I thought this seemed like an alright idea,” Sangeeta replied, her face giving no notice to the rather embarrassed Radha in front.

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Radha had been quiet for long enough for Sangeeta to lose her patience. She had questioned Radha a lot of times over the Shikhar matter but each time she was met with utter silence. Radha was not ready to answer simple questions like, “why did you lie?” “Whats the status update?” Any of those things.

“He lied. I clearly told him I was in no mood for marriage. But he has taken a strange liking to me. Now what could I do? And I had told him to leave town. I assumed he would have. I have not even received his phone calls as you can see,” Radha spoke in a mad rush.

There was a sudden drop in decibel after her mini outburst. Sangeeta herself decided to drop the subject watching her react so animatedly.

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“Its been a long time since we have even sat down like this. No?” Kavita looked longingly at Sangeeta. There had been moments in the past few days when both had remembered better times. And somewhere those feelings were resurfacing.

“Yes it has been. But then you were the one who decided to part ways. I was always happy to be with you,” Sangeeta replied pensively

“Would you call me more often now? I miss you,” Kavita spoke with almost a choking of throat.

Sangeeta in return remained mute. She had suffered in silence all these years. She had never got a chance to tell Kavita that for her the decision was life shattering. Would calling Kavita be alright with her peace of mind?

“Its better if the times we spent remains as it is and we all move on from them completely,” Sangeeta spoke.

“Are you saying you would not call me?” Kavita asked abrasively.

Sangeeta again kept quiet to convey her reply.

“Is it because of that woman?” Kavita replied keeping her eyes focused on figure of a woman walking towards them.

to be contd. at “Its about a life you lived”- Part 13

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