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“There can be a few things that can break a person in this way. If you had met her you wouldn’t react like this. She hardly spoke,” Sangeeta replied, the expression of concern glued to her face.

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The day had started with a light breeze, the sun was also playing hide and seek today. And an otherwise gloomy hostel looked a bit more cheerful to Sangeeta. She had all the details about Radha’s room number. She in fact had extracted it the very next minute after Radha left her office. The question was whether she should go to meet Radha?For fourteen years they have not spoken to each other for a moment. And now they are meeting again. Under a different world, at a different age and now too she is single but then has a daughter to accompany.

A light knock lifted her head.

“No matter how many times you ask yourself that question the answer will not change. Long back, you had stood at my room’s entrance while I was sitting on a chair thinking. And well these were your first words,” Radha’s voice unlike her physical appearance remained untouched by age. It still had that spring in the tone.

Sangeeta smiled, how vividly she remembered that day. She was wearing a shorts and Tshirt and her hair were so short she hardly had to comb them ever.

“Come inside,” Sangeeta replied smilingly.

Radha walked in briskly. She had a strange sense of tranquility on her face now.

“So dean? Of University? Wow!” she instantly exclaimed post settling down on the chair next to Sangeeta.

Sangeeta laughed loudly throwing her head back.

“It was a strange set of events which triggered all this. But none so entertaining for a bright sunshine day like today,” Sangeeta replied in a rush.

For a while neither spoke. They only looked at each other and smiled a bit and then suddenly a lot.

“Its so good to meet you. I wish I could tell you how happy I am to see you,” it was Radha who broke the silence.

Sangeeta continued to smile, she had somewhere lost her appetite for speaking. She only wanted to listen to Radha.

“Arti. My daughter. She knows all about our friendship. In fact last night I told her that you are the Dean here. She is quite excited to meet you. She often asked me why we never stayed in touch all these years,” Radha put in the silent question in a way of mixing words.

But of course the question was asked, the onus was on Sangeeta to answer.

“Why we didn’t meet? Or why we didn’t talk? Such questions really have no answers and we both know it so. Let’s just remember that today is what we have. A time well spent can be a great foundation for better times to come,” Sangeeta replied happily.

to be contd. at “So it worked out between you two?”-Part 17

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