Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
contd from “Were my feelings that frivolous?”- Part 7

“What if it is? What if I told you that all your conclusions are true, then?” Sangeeta spoke in her softest voice.

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Radha’s life was changing. She could feel it. One may say it was the metamorphosis inside her but that old twenty seven year old woman who always thought she was different had changed. The world she never wanted to be a part of was now welcoming her.

“Yes this side of the market has better dresses. We must see them,” Radha spoke enthusiastically.

Her younger sister only stood and stared at an overtly happy Radha walking briskly along the road. She had come to visit Radha at the university as a break from her boring “married” life. Radha was more than happy to be the gracious guest in return.

“What has gotten into you? Are you in love?” she asked unabashedly glaring at her with piercing eyes.

Radha laughed throwing her head back.

“Quite the opposite. I am out of it. I never quite accepted Pinkie, but I was in love with Sushant. All my life I desired for him to say something to me. I never got married because of this wait,” Radha spoke, she had found a strange sense of desire to only speak truth now.

Pinkie just didn’t know what to say to her. She had never in her life seen Radha look so carefree and speak so casually. Of course they all knew it was Sushant who was the reason for the delay in her marriage. But that was all hidden, never had such an explicit statement of agreement been presented.

“And you know he is now engaged to someone else. I quite thought that should see the end of me. But see here I am taking you around shopping and chilling with you. Humans are strange, they never quite know how to react at things. No?” she continued in that candid tone.

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“But of course you are also against the whole marriage thing. Radha tends to attract like minded people,” Pinke spoke sarcastically.

Sangeeta looked highly amused.

“No actually when I said I don’t like men. I meant it quite seriously. I am a lesbian,” Sangeeta spoke in her sweetest voice.

Pinkie just looked on dumbfounded. She was feeling like the Alice in wonderland who was not happy to go down the rabbit hole.

Radha herself was trying to control her giggle. She knew Pinkie was going to be one helluva a shocked person right now.

“Okay Pinkie I will now take your leave. I have an early class to take. It was great meeting you. Radha will you join by lunch at least?” Sangeeta spoke these words while raising herself from the chair.

“Yes I should be there by that time. Hold a table at lunch for the two of us. Goodnight,” Radha replied smilingly.

“Are you by any sheer chance turning over to her side? Have you also stopped liking men and you know started to like,” Pinkie didn’t complete her sentence. She felt the termination of it might pronounce blasphemy through her mouth.

Radha on her part had nothing to say in that remark. She found herself surrounded by too many things to even pay attention to Pinkie’s words. But despite that she was happy.

“Forget Sangeeta, tell me how is married life?” Radha asked, drawing a chair next to Pinkie.

  to be contd. at “And I just knew I was different from the rest”- Part 9

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