Contd from Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1

“Mother there is this institute I have received an invitation from. They want me to join as a lecturer there. I was thinking of taking it up,” Radha replied almost in a whisper.

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“This here, please sign the form,” the lady behind the desk forwarded a piece of paper to Radha.

She haltingly extracted the pen from her bag and started to sign the blank spaces. It was perhaps after the seventh signature that she finally allowed herself a smile.

“Is there something wrong, mam?” the lady across asked a little confusedly.

Radha smiled a bit more and shook her head in negative.

Her signature. As a child she was always very fiercely protective about it. Her name did not just mean a way of being addressed to but also a way to announce her arrival to the world.

“But one day this name will change, my princess. Then what will you do? What will happen to the hours of practising this Radha Raman signature?” her father used to tease her.

“Change my name? Me never! Who will want to change my name? I will never change my name I love it so much! It has your name in it dad, its the best thing in my whole life!” she would reply angrily.

Her parents would laugh away. They perhaps had always thought her to settle down to life and its nuances when time would be right. But at twenty seven also, having her name altered just because she has gotten married seemed as stupid as it did all those years ago.

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The first day at her institute had been a strangely familiar affair. She had gotten up, decided to take a walk around in the campus and then by eight she was ready to reach her first class.

She did not know whether there would be many up that early to attend her lecture but then she hoped there would be enough to hold a class.

Just when she reached the door to the room her phone rang.

“Sushant, I am about to take a lecture can I please call you back?” she hurried through her words.

“Yes you can all I wanted to tell you was that I am getting married. Its all fixed up!” he replied excitedly.

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