Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
contd from “Is it love for you?”-Part 18

“Of course not. Of course not,” Radha stumbled into an explanation which invariably turned her red.

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“Its been sometime that I have done things for my own happiness. I was twenty seven and harrowed over not getting married and post that it was because of that very thing that life lost all its peace of mind,” Radha was sitting across Sangeeta in a leather sofa chair, holding a cup of coffee quite wistfully in one hand.

“Was it that bad? Did it not work at all?” Sangeeta asked quite seriously.

“It did. In the beginning it was amazing. Shikhar was a thorough gentleman, he never as much as raise his volume also. But then he wanted more of me. And he was not wrong. But after the initial inertia fazed out, my heart began to recede. I have never spoken to anyone about it but I think I had suddenly come to stop loving him. He became a stranger to me or if one might want to say I became a stranger to myself,” Radha stopped short of saying something. Her halt was not as smooth as ends of conversations usually are.

Sangeeta could sense it and so she only intensified her gaze so as to jerk Radha back into speaking.

“When I decided to marry Shikhar it was more so for mother. She had started to take things quite badly, every now and then we fought. Sisters you know never had a great relationship with me but mother was different. She loved me and she had allowed me a lot space. I somewhere felt she should not pay the price of my own weird nature. She deserves better for all that she had done for me. And then Shikhar came along. he didn’t really happen to me in first go, it was only after you arranged a second meeting that pulled the trick. He always used to thank his stars he stumbled into you that night,” Radha finished with a soft smile.

“Shikhar was someone I liked because he always looked so much in love with you. Honestly I used to be amazed by his sense of emotions towards you. I always thought I could never bring myself to feel like that for someone. I of course was happy for you but I considered Shikhar lucky because God had given him this immense capacity to love. Its very rare,” Sangeeta found herself more quiet at the end of those words.

Radha had a strange look on her face.

“Like Kavita. I see her and I always feel you mean the world to her. She has been there forever it seems. But now I know you love her too. So eventually things did work out, right?” Radha spoke softly.

“Things surely worked out for me. I can’t quite say the same for Radha,” Sangeeta replied with a hint of smile on her face.

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“How was it?” Kavita asked abrasively.

Sangeeta laughed.

“You sound jealous?” she mocked Kavita.

“Why should I be jealous? She is not going to fall in love with you. Not because she doesn’t prefer women but because you are an impossible person to love,” Kavita continued in same coarse fashion.

Her reaction made Sangeeta laugh a little more.

“You would never quite believe the entertainment you provide to my life,” Sangeeta spoke in between laughs.

“Yes please go ahead and laugh about things. You are now forty years old and look at the connections you have made in your life. Only me. And that too not because you worked hard but only for my immense love for you. Listen look here,” Kavita suddenly walked close enough to Sangeeta’s chair.

Sangeeta raised her head to meet Kavita’s eyes.

“Kavita what happened?” Sangeeta this time spoke with some seriousness.

“You do realise I love you a lot. I don’t want any Radha to take away this right from me,” Kavita spoke almost in a whisper.

“Even I cannot take away that right from you,” Sangeeta replied with a smile and a tight grip on Kavita’s hands.

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“You people were best of friends?” Arti asked innocently.

“Yes we were and are as well,” Sangeeta replied sweetly.

“Best friends are coolest. No?” she continued in that childish voice.

Sangeeta nodded and of course flashed another smile.

“When will mother get free from her lecture?” Arti asked this question almost the tenth time in last half an hour.

Sangeeta looked at her watch again, it was one fifteen in another fifteen minutes it would be lunch.

“She would be hear in another fifteen minutes. Then we can all take you for lunch, ok?” Sangeeta tried to reason out the umpteenth time with her again.

“Can you show me the photograph?” Arti spoke suddenly.

“Which photograph?” Sangeeta looked at her confusedly.

“You both are best friends na, mummy says best friends keep each other’s photograph close by. That’s why mummy has your photograph in her wallet always. Show me the one you have in your wallet?” Arti’s rippled voice created a furore in Sangeeta’s mind.

to be contd. at “In deep turmoil”-Part 20

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