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Tring-Tring, the phone rang…

Radha almost skipped a beat or two. She half expected it to be Shikhar with his fairytale plan. Who would have thought someone’s fairytale could be another’s nightmare?

She quietly picked up the phone.

“Madam, are you interested in a credit card from our bank,” a very peaky woman’s voice met Radha from the other side.

Radha without speaking a word cut the phone and slumped into the chair. She realised what a huge scare that had been for her. But then nothing was over as of now, Arti’s expectant face was still staring at her with a strange expression.

Radha looked up, her heart lost all its anger and she felt like any mother would, to see her daughter disappointed and depressed.

“Arti, come to mumma,” Radha called out to her softly.

Arti got up and with small steps came close to Radha.

“You realise mumma loves you? You do, right?” Radha spoke, caressing her cheeks.

Arti nodded slightly in affirmative.

“Will you please do mumma a favor? Go unpack your clothes and call daddy saying everything is fine. You would be happy to share your time between him and mumma. Will my princess do that?” Radha continued in a lilting voice.

Arti for a moment looked to rebel but then all of a sudden something changed about her. She slowly went upstairs and began unpacking.

After a few moments, Radha heard her speaking to Shikhar on the phone, “No Papa I love you, but I realise it was not a great idea. No Papa please don’t come here. No Papa, promise me you won’t.”

Radha felt her eyes get welled up with tears, she knew her actions were hurting many. Arti with her emotions  and now Shikhar with his hopes.

                                            *                                              *                                       *
“I always wanted to be the first one to say ‘I don’t care’ ” Radha was taking animatedly while sitting on the lunch table.

But strangely she could see that her enthusiasm was not equally matched with Sangeeta. She was not participating in the conversation as much.

“Is something wrong?” Radha finally asked.

“No, no. You were telling me about that boat trip you took,” Sangeeta spoke casually.

“I told you that fifteen minutes ago. Where is your mind today?” Radha looked suspicious.

Sangeeta didn’t reply instantly. She remained quiet, shuffled her gaze around, she could see many were staring at them. She knew the college was abuzz with rumours. They had an idea as to what was going on.

“Its Kavita, she hasn’t even called since. I mean I know she is angry but she could at least inform me as to where she is,” Sangeeta spoke softly, but her eyes gave in to the trouble inside.

Radha cringed, not that it was seen physically but her insides took a turn so to say. Kavita, this name always did something to her. Why can she not disappear in person and in thought? She wondered out loud in her head.

“She will come back, give her time. Why, its just been a couple of days, no?”Radha spoke flawlessly, hiding all her discomfort behind pale expressions.

Sangeeta nodded vigorously but still the awkwardness of expression didn’t quite leave her face.

                                     *                                            *                                        *

“Mumma, I am going to call daddy again. I miss him. Its nothing serious. I only want to talk to him,” Arti suddenly spoke this after the dinner got over.

Radha again found herself staring at the child. She was finding it impossible to handle her it seems.

Radha nodded to sort of show her acceptance.

“Hello Papa, I miss you,” and with these words she started to cry.

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