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“You both are best friends na, mummy says best friends keep each other’s photograph close by. That’s why mummy has your photograph in her wallet always. Show me the one you have in your wallet?” Arti’s rippled voice created a furore in Sangeeta’s mind.

“Arti,” Radha arrived minutes later at Sangeeta’s office door

Sangeeta looked up to see Radha in a totally different light. She herself didn’t know what to make of the latest information and somewhere her mind continued to remain in deep turmoil.

“You are joining us for lunch?” Radha asked casually.

Sangeeta nodded slightly and rose to follow the mother-daughter duo in small steps.

“What happened? Hurry up you are walking way too slowly today,” Radha turned around beckoning Sangeeta to pick up pace.

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“Arti this is the first time you are having lunch here. Try the gulab jamuns first,” Sangeeta said.

Radha smiled deeply and said, “I remember you telling me the same thing when I had my first lunch here.”

“Have you both always been each other’s best friends?” Arti suddenly asked.

They both nodded simultaneously.

“Mumma show Sangeeta the picture you keep in your wallet of her,” Arti spoke in her sweet innocent voice.

Radha and Sangeeta both froze at the child’s words. For a few minutes neither tried to make eye contact with the other.

“Mumma show!” Arti suddenly picked up volume.

“Arti first finish your lunch okay. Only after that will we talk. Mumma says na talking during lunch is a bad habit,” Radha spoke sternly.

A disappointed Arti quietly turned back to eating food.

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“Really? I mean you think this means something?” Kavita asked, her frown deepening with every passing minute.

“I am not saying it means something but its a bit strange. You don’t think so?” Sangeeta spoke haltingly.

“It may mean anything but I can assure you it doesn’t mean that she loves you. Do you get it?” Kavita replied in a harsher tone.

“Why do you always begin to play around the same topic? Even I am not saying it means that she loves me. All I am saying is that her keeping my photograph in her wallet is strange. That’s it,” Sangeeta replied irritably.

Kavita became quiet.

“Tomorrow,” Sangeeta began to speak all of a sudden.

“What tomorrow?” Kavita asked a bit startled.

“Tomorrow I am taking you to a resort for a weekend trip,” Sangeeta replied finally managing to smile as well.

“Really! We are going! I am so happy! I love you so much,” Kavita threw her arms around Sangeeta’s neck and hugged her tight.

Seeing her reaction Sangeeta began to laugh loudly.

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“I imagine all is done then. I am calling the car if you are ready?” Sangeeta asked, picking a bag off the side table.

“Yes I am ready. How do I look? I specially bought them for this trip, though with your latest mood swings I didn’t think we would still go,” Kavita spoke happily.

Sangeeta laughed a bit more as she had been continuously doing since morning, watching Kavita’s excitement.

“Are you guys going somewhere?” Radha’s soft voice left both of them staring at her with a strange expression.

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