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“Is it because of that woman?” Kavita replied keeping her eyes focused on figure of a woman walking towards them.

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Is it because of Radha that I have started to behave strangely? Am I in love? Have I not realised it at all? Sangeeta’s mind was abuzz with all of this. She casually looked at Radha who was now walking slowly alongside her. She does look to be different than the rest. And somewhere Sangeeta always felt drawn to talk to her. That time when she was standing at the campus gate and Radha was going away with Shikhar, she felt something inside. Like a piece of her heart was broken. She instantly attributed it to probably the sense of loneliness she felt on a bright day with no company. But then was it all?

“Where are we going?” Radha asked chirply.

“To this coffee shop close by,” Sangeeta replied smilingly.

“This is new. You asking me out in a proper fashion, no hurried calls. And now I see you walking me to this place as well. What’s the plan?” Radha had mischief written all over her face.

Sangeeta laughed out loudly. She spared another glance to observe Radha. How different she looked now! A petite small woman who barely smiled now is full of joy energy. She secretly thought Radha was growing with her. She wanted to believe her company had an effect on Radha.

“Here the coffee shop, we have arrived,” Sangeeta spoke quickly.

They walked inside the one room place and asked the waiter for an empty table.

“Hello Radha,” Shikhar’s voice spun both of their heads.

Radha remained silent for as long as the moment lasted. She thought this was too much of a coincidence to believe. She slowly turned to face Sangeeta who was now making way outside.

“Would you at least have a cup of coffee?” Shikhar spoke pleadingly.

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“Have you decided to not speak at all?” Kavita’s harsh tone pierced through Sangeeta’s restless mind.

“No No. Its just that I am feeling a bit lost off late,” she replied softly.

“Will we say Radha has something to do with it?” Kavita continued in her coarse tone.

Sangeeta of course remained quiet.

“You realise Sangeeta that Radha is not like us. She may feel an ounce of attraction but being like us needs a greater deal of acceptance. It is not only about heart or emotions, its about a life you have lived. A belief that existed inside you which you need to give up,” Kavita ranted off.

“But Sangeeta I have felt her to be different. I can see that all her life she has not quite believed in the things taught to her,” Sangeeta spoke quietly.

“Then why did you take her to Shikhar? Why did you not tell her the truth?” Kavita asked quite abrasively.

Why did she? What made her see that the option of Shikhar was a saner one for Radha?

“Because I don’t know if my feelings for her are due to loneliness or really love. And she doesn’t have time for me to test that. I think for her own good I want to spare her the conflict of deciding not only whether she loves me but also whether she loves me enough to give up everything,” Sangeeta replied, lowering her volume to barely audible now.

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“And so how was the meeting with Shikhar?” Sangeeta asked a visibly perturbed Radha.

to be contd. at “To move on with my life”- Part 14

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