Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
contd from “Its the fullstops that scare people, commas often give new life”- Part 5

She turned back to the face in the mirror. She was wrong, it was not the same she had always talked to. This one was different. It had life, it had a spark. It now wanted to live. It now wanted to live not for others but for oneself.

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“Why what’s wrong with me now?” Radha spoke confusedly into the phone.

Her face was cooking up all kinds of weird expressions, she was taken aback at his sheer sarcasm. What had she done now?

“But Sushant, here I was asking about your fiance. What did I do wrong in this?” she continued sounding still baffled.

After a few moments she heard the phone being kept down on the other side. She was quite sure she didn’t hear the typical words which announce the end of the call. So should she assume the phone was quite theatrically banged on her? That’s new again.

“I have never even experienced that before. People banging phones on me,” she murmured to herself.

“Here you are taking to yourself? Will you leave one sign of craziness for others?” Sangeeta’s bright sunshine voice.

A startled Radha looked up.

“When did you arrive?” Radha asked her slowly, still reeling under the effects of last call’s end.

“Just in enough time to hear you chatter with yourself. Radha university pays lecturers a good amount to afford a psychiatrist I know many,” Sangeeta continued with her sarcasm.

Sarcasm. I am being subjected to this emotion also a lot recently. With mother and her constant remarks about the running body clock and now Sushant with his weird retort that I have changed. Sarcasm seems to be the flavour of my life. Radha thought this inside.

“Are we still on for that lunch?” Radha hurried away the topic in a different direction.

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It was nine thirty and there was not a wink of sleep in her eyes. She first thought of taking a walk in the garden and then it struck her. She could start handling some of the unfinished sarcasms of the day.

“Hey Sushant! What is up?” Radha spoke into the phone in her best voice.

From the other side she heard, “You found time in your busy schedule to even speak to me. Thanks man!”

The sarcasm couldn’t end, it seems. In seven years he had never vied for her time or attention. And now he was going berserk commenting and in a way expressing his displeasure. Such a strange mix of events. Radha thought this all inside her head.

“Okay I am sorry. Now tell me how is the courtship period going on?” Radha asked slowly.

“Forget about that. I always talk about myself. Never do we discuss your life. Tell me Radha how are you? How is the new place? Are you settling down well?” he asked her in a very serious tone.

Radha got slightly amused. Are we really getting into discussing me? She wondered. Suddenly the words new and changed were becoming synonyms of her life.

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“Okay you tell me Sangeeta if I told you that a man loves me only when he sees me running away would you say he is worth it?” Radha asked in her softest voice.

She had been behaving strangely all day and Sangeeta could not understand the reason behind it. But of course her question helped get a lot of answers.

to be contd. at “Were my feelings that frivolous?”-Part 7

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