Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
contd from “To move on with my life”-Part 14

“And it is strange you know Sangeeta. I always thought of myself. Mother was so happy. If I had known I would bring such a deep emotion to her I might have agreed much before,” Radha spoke as if in deep trance.

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Fourteen autumns have come and gone. Its the fourteenth spring which is now in the air. The breeze outside still has its wintery cold but then the bright sunshine is threatening to take it away.

She looked at herself in the glass window which was slowly doubling up to be a half mirror for her. The hair which once stood as black as one could imagine them to be has now started to show hints of those chalky whites.

“Ma’am the new professor has arrived. Is waiting to meet you,” the peon’s hushed voice interrupted her thoughts in mid.

She turned around, the door was half open and he was standing in the no man’s land. She knew that asking him to stall the appointment would invariably get conveyed to the new visitor.

“In five minutes,” she replied crisply.

She closed the window tight shut to probably block the winds of change from entering her mind anymore. Slowly she returned to her desk, settling a few files she accidentally toppled the name plate. She bent over to pick it up, “Dean, University.”

She inwardly laughed, did she ever imagine a day would arrive when she would call herself that?

Self mockery hadn’t quite finished because the creaking noise of the door reminded her of the impending visitor.

She quickly took out the file of the new joinee and settled down in the leather chair.

“Good afternoon, Miss Radha,” she spoke these words by reading the name from the top of the green file and smilingly rose her head to face the new entrant.

Her face froze and she met a similar emotion the other side.

“Sangeeta,” standing at five foot the lady clad in a maroon saree slowly whispered.

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“So what if she has joined university, why do you even care!” Kavita spoke exhaustively.

“You don’t get it do you? In her marital status there is divorce, in children section there is a daughter. In her work experience there is a gap of exactly fourteen years. This is a Radha who is broken, shattered and most importantly an outcast,” Sangeeta replied in anguish.

“Are you the sole person entitled to manage her affairs? Is she not big enough to see to her life?” Kavita unperturbed by the pain on Sangeeta’s face continued.

“There can be a few things that can break a person in this way. If you had met her you wouldn’t react like this. She hardly spoke,” Sangeeta replied, the expression of concern glued to her face.

to be contd. at “Better times to come”-Part 16

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