Started at Twenty seven is the last age to get married and in style- Part 1
contd from “Its about a life you have lived”- Part 14

“And so how was the meeting with Shikhar?” Sangeeta asked a visibly perturbed Radha.

“I don’t know. He looks to be a great guy doesn’t he? And mummy also finds him a great option. Perhaps Sangeeta the time has come for me to move on with my life. For long I remained stuck at Sushant and then of course came a time when I thought marriage was not for me. But now I realise I was wrong. Spending time and life with someone you love is the best thing one can do. Thank you Sangeeta if it wasn’t for you perhaps I would have not reached this decision,” Radha replied calmly, though lines of trouble did remain etched on her face.

Sangeeta smiled and spoke, “You take the first few steps and perhaps things will change for better. Maybe this is the decision that will give you the desired break.”

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“Love. Kavita, love should have many meanings. Don’t you think?” Sangeeta spoke cheerfully.

“You seem to be in a great mood today. What happened? Has the craziness of Radha started to wear out,” Kavita replied, looking highly suspicious.

Sangeeta laughed and spoke, ” It never happened to ride on me. I was always happily single after you left.”

Kavita frowned a bit more.

“Will you tell me what happened now? I saw you leaving with Radha from the library today,” she spoke.

“Oh nothing. She has started to like Shikhar and has in fact decided to get engaged to him. Is it not the absolute best news ever?” Sangeeta replied happily.

“Now we know the truth. Don’t we? Well so the matter is now closed forever?” Kavita asked, deepening her frown with every passing minute.

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“I told her,” Radha spoke softly.

“Told who?” Sangeeta asked.

“Mother. I told her about Shikhar,” Radha replied.

Sangeeta felt a jolt inside. The pace of matters and the formalisation of things was getting to her a bit. But she dare not reveal it on her face.

“Oh that’s great news! She must be happy!” she reacted in a higher tone to express the excitement. The key is on express because perhaps feeling it was a far away thing for now.

“Yes she was happy. I think I heard her cry,” Radha replied quietly.

Sangeeta smiled slightly and started to stare down at her shuffling feet. She felt a bit nervous inside.

“And it is strange you know Sangeeta. I always thought of myself. Mother was so happy. If I had known I would bring such a deep emotion to her I might have agreed much before,” Radha spoke as if in deep trance.

to be contd. at Self mockery hadn’t quite finished- Part 15

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