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For a moment Radha thought she saw a darker emotion on Sangeeta’s face but then next moment the smile returned and she turned her back to proceed inside.

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“It has been two days and you haven’t quite spoken about that guy you met,” Sangeeta spoke over the commotion in lunch.

“Well there isn’t much to tell. We went out for coffee and then he left back for his city. After that there has not been any communication,” Radha replied casually.

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“Are you not interested in getting married like ever?” Sangeeta asked once the lunch got over.

“Honestly I don’t know. I sometimes think I was never interested and Sushant was as close I came to feeling something in that direction,” Radha carried on with the little bit of lunch left in her plate.

Sangeeta watched her intently. She does seem to be a rather strange woman to encounter, she thought of Radha. Her taut face with a rather limited stature coupled with petite framework, altogether give a very complex outlook to her personality.

Bhaiya ek gulab jamun,” Radha called out to the helpers on the side.

The mess was filled with loads of people, a rather extreme sight for the university. Apparently some of the campus exchange students had stopped over for their meals at the same time.

“Yes but then you know sometimes you must realise that your life needs clarity. I mean you need to settle down someday,” Sangeeta prodded further.

Radha looked up in one swift glance and which told Sangeeta to at best back off from the discussion.

“Sangeeta!” The two women turned up from the table to see a visibly ecstatic lady calling out for Sangeeta.

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“You know her from a long time it feels,” Radha remarked once the formal introductions got over and the lady in question had also left.

Sangeeta didn’t reply instantly she rather went on to look at the receding party of students on the left.

“Something wrong Sangeeta? You don’t look alright,” Radha spoke with concern.

Sangeeta slowly turned to meet Radha’s eyes. She looked to be in some trouble, Radha thought.

“Kavita was my girlfriend in college. It was only about two years back we parted ways. Seeing her here is a little tough on me. If you don’t mind I will take leave. Will see you over for dinner,” and with these words Sangeeta left Radha standing at the mess gate.

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It was the soft music in the background and the dimmed lights that formed the perfect setup. Sangeeta found her spirits lifted and a renewed sense of confidence surge in her heart. She still wondered why she finally thought to meet him but when Radha cancelled on their dinner plans she decided the alternative was not bad.

“Would you like something to drink?” he asked in his characteristic deep voice.

Sangeeta only smiled and shook her head, “No nothing as such. Just a glass of water, Shikhar.”

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