“It is for your own good,” the bespectacled woman spoke softly.

Ramya smiled to herself. It wasn’t the first time she had heard these words and found them quite opposite in meaning. 
“Thank you for everything that you have done,” she replied crisply and left.
She had just about walked out of the room and in a flash found herself jobless, homeless and most importantly directionless. She knew there would be many options tomorrow but it was her today which caused most trouble. 
                                  *                                               *                                             *
“I lost my job, not my whole life. Its going to get alright. I promise maa. No, you don’t have to come down here,” she managed to wrap up the call in under two minutes which given the circumstances was her only achievement.
And yes all that is happening is confusedly for her own good. These words had dotted her life all through the stages and each time the paradox in the sense amused her. 
                                  *                                               *                                             *
“Take this job. At least for the time being. Perhaps we can find something better tomorrow,” Shekhar spoke in a faint whisper. 
Ramya looked up. She found a visibly shaken Shekhar sitting beside a tall man. This man looked intimidating and strangely handsome. Inside her head she created a mills and boons narrative for herself. The dainty darling looking for a job, the armani suit clad handsome man ready to sexually assault. 
Ramya nodded uncomfortably.
“From tomorrow I would like to see you at work then. All you need to know will be told only then. Salary is not negotiable and yes the hours are bound to be flexible,” the handsome man rose to the full stretch of his height and spoke in a deep husky voice.
                            *                                                      *                                               *
Yes, that is what Ramya had finally chosen. Not that there had been plenty to choose from but then there was always that train back to Karnal. A train which had brought her to the city of dreams, Mumbai. Which had convinced her she was destined for greater things. Which had made her realise, marriage was not the only key. Which had perhaps allowed her a wallow of hope for her own individuality. 
“Could you please tell me where I can find this address?” she finally mustered the courage to ask the lady wearing the least bright shade of red lipstick on the street.
“Its the house on the corner,” the lady replied eyeing her in that strange odd way.

But alas a year later all notions of that one way ticket to Mumbai were fast disappearing.

She quickly walked across and rang the bell. She found herself welcomed by a small girl of ten and the same tall man standing behind her. He only nodded and indicated towards the stairs. She remembered what he had mentioned last time they met, “office is on the top floor, bottom rooms are my home”.
A daughter? How strange it seemed in that moment. 
                                           *                                        *                                    *
Suyash Mittal. A man who many thought had no real face. No one knew from where he came and what exactly he did. But there were just two facts they all believed, he was a man of few words but a lot of cash and he lived in city’s biggest red light area. Where they say all his business dealings take place.

And it was this man who had hired Ramya as his personal assistant.

to be contd. at Any work that comes your way-Part 2 

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