Contd from Where is she?-Part 24

I have this insane feeling inside that something terrible is going to happen.


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Dear friend,

I am in love. And this feeling is very different. I wish to understand how people can forget all their pains and reel under this emotion like there is no tomorrow. I was walking down the road today when I saw him again. His face brightens my whole day. I feel more alive around him.

And yet he had been here all along. No matter what people say love does not happen at first sight. I have known him for quite sometime but it is only in the past few months that I have started seeing him in a different light. He tells me he can do anything for me. 

I wonder if its the emotion talking or the simple foolish ways of being in love. I am happy. I forget days and nights with him. I have started to keep a diary of all my dates with him. Did I leave that with you too? Have you seen it? 

Shuchi seems to think that this is not good. Shuchi my roommate. She feels that he will one day break my heart and walk away. I will be left with nothing but fragments of these moments. That would be more hard on me then.

“I will survive on these moments,” I keep telling her.

Sometimes I wish I could meet you, see you. Read your mind right now. I wonder if that diary still exists somewhere, or if this love too exists in some odd corner of the world.

Why did I think I left these letters because I died! Perhaps I had left town and these letters were my souvenior to you. Am I happy? Am I in love? Did it all work out?


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“Shuchi?” Suyash spoke, trying to connect the name to some place.

“Yes she mentioned it in the letter that she was her roommate,” Ramya replied.

“What was the date on the letter? Do you remember?” he asked.

“It was 2nd February 2011,” she answered.

“Shuchi,” he repeated the name to draw some more conclusions.

He again went back and drew out another file. This one was very thick.

He randomly started to open pages and went through each one attentively.

“Here Shuchi Mahajan. 2009-2012. She left town in September of 2011. She got married to a guy from the neighborhood. It was an ugly affair,” Suyash pushed the file towards Ramya.

She quickly read through.

“Is there some address?” she asked.

“There seems to be one. It says Pune in here,” he pointed at the last few lines.

to be contd. “What?”-Part 26

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