The implications of the work she had just finished was beginning
to weigh down on her.
She was sitting on the side chair, waiting. Her choices over the
last few months had gone from berserk to crazy to finally perhaps unlawful. And
Ramya knew her time was up. Like everything in life, dreams too have an expiry
date. And perhaps her ambitions’ finishing signal was only fifteen minutes
away. If what they are announcing is right, the train should not take more than
that to reach. 
“Why don’t you think over it again?” Shekhar like always
was sitting besides her, trying to draw some sense to her life. 
“One way tickets, they make life more complicated for most of
us. It should be mandatory to purchase a return ticket for all journeys. The
option of setting it back to defaults should always be there,” Ramya
replied solemnly, staring at the rectangular blue and white piece of paper in
The screeching noise of the wheels and sudden excitement on the
platform announced the onset of her journey back home.
“Take care,” she whispered and left.
And just like that the train began to move. Slowly but surely her
dreams began to fade away from her eyes. She knew what she had done was
probably the best thing. Before things got worse, she decided to activate
damage control. And then it isn’t like she hadn’t tried. She had given all that
she could. But fate had its own course to play.
It was just then in the middle of her thoughts that the phone
began to ring. It was an unknown number. She decided to ignore it. Who would
call her now? She assumed it to be one of those pesky callers selling, buying
or warning her over something or the other.
But the phone kept on ringing, call after call. It was finally
after the sixth missed call that she decided to pick up.
“I need you to come down urgently. Please. Something has gone
horribly wrong. Patil, Vinay Patil. House number 34,” she heard a woman’s
panicky voice and then silent. She checked the phone, the call had been
Of course she knew who it was. Not that she had met the woman but
it was only hours back that Ramya had called her for a booking. And now she
needed Ramya to come somwhere. But why should Ramya care? She has given up her
life in Mumbai. She is returning home, back to the comforts of her friends and
family. She needs to forget all that has happened in this city. All that could
have happened as well. And why should she help someone she hasn’t even met!
Suddenly the train came to an abrupt stop. Almost everyone in the
compartment was staring at her. In a moment of hurry she had pulled the chain
and forced the train to stop. 
“And then?” In between sips of coffee and bites of
cookie, Ramya was talking to someone. 
“And then you happened at the right time. If you had not
managed to unlock the door from outside, I don’t know what could have happened
today,” this certain someone replied.
Ramya observed her closely now. At five foot five she was a couple
of inches taller than an average sized woman in India. Her eyes smudged with
kohl gave a very lilting expression to her face. One could hardly pinpoint her
exact age, but it was definitely on the waning side of the twenties. A pink
kurta and a blue jeans, her hair let loose and total absence of makeup on her
face made it very difficult for anyone to guess what her real job profile
“And then?” Shekhar asked, looking highly
“Then I walked her down to her house, which was very close to
Suyash’s place. She thanked me over and over again for my timely help. We
exchanged numbers, she insisted I tell nothing to Suyash and on that note we
parted ways,” Ramya spoke, still reeling under the events of the day.
“This has been quite a series of incidents for you today. I
can safely assume that Karnal train will be long gone by now,” he said,
slightly tilting his head to meet her eyes.
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