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And it was this man who had hired Ramya as his personal assistant.

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“I want you to understand something right at the onset. Any work that comes your way is work. You might have your set of principles but they can be employed somewhere else. Today I need you to finish calling these ten people on the list. All you need to ask them is, “Do you need a booking tonight?” Is that clear, Ramya?” his voice pierced through her heart. She wondered whether he had trained it to sound cruel or the effect of his words made it so.

Ramya nodded uncomfortably.

                           *                                            *                                        *

“Hello sir, I am Ramya from Mr Suyash Mittal’s office. Do you need a booking tonight?” Ramya could feel her hand shake the other side. She had no idea what the word ‘booking’ implied, but she knew whatever it was, it would not be considered alright by her moral standards.

The list of ten people got over rather quickly. The replies were very generic. Some said, “Yes it will be for an hour” some replied, “No perhaps next week.” Others simply said, “No” and kept down the phone.

“Here is the listed responses of all the people with their expected time if needed,” Ramya quietly handed a sheet of paper to Suyash.

He scanned it intently and made a few marks on the “Next week” replies. He returned the paper to her and waited for a while. His posture was such as if he was planning his next move.

All of a sudden he took the paper back and started to write something on it.

“Against each yes I have written a phone number. You need to call these people and tell them the name of the person they are booked with. All questions they ask, write them down and if possible discuss with me before answering. Is that clear, Ramya?” He replied solemnly.

She knew this was stage two. The way he eyed her, she could sense that this task was going to be more taxing than the last.

Ramya nodded uncomfortably.

                                          *                                            *                                        *

She picked up the sheet and dialed the first number. “Hello this is Ramya here, from Suyash Mittal’s office”

Before she could proceed with the rest, she heard a woman’s voice on the other side, ” What is the name of the person, how much time and where?”

Ramya froze. She instantly understood what this was. But then this was work, she had to complete it. She needed money to survive, she needed a home to not take that train to Karnal. She could feel tears running down her cheek.

She quietly gave all the details to the person on the other side.

Out of ten in the list, only four needed a booking. She wrapped up the calls in little less than fifteen minutes. After that she stared at the sheet in her hand. The implications of the work she had just finished was beginning to weigh down on her.

to be contd. at “And then?”-Part 3

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