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“Yes it was a bad time for her. And I do believe her sensibilities had started to merge with the surroundings. There were too many women back then resorting to the profession. And many still believe it in a way saved them from a worse life,” Suyash spoke calmly.

Ramya had just narrated the latest letter to him. She was quite amazed to hear this explanation. She often thought most of them were victims but Mallika’s and his point of views threw a different light on the subject.

“And perhaps a ticket to their dreams,” he continued.

“How is Anjali?” Ramya suddenly remembered her from the word dreams.

“She is good, remembers you. I happen to meet her once in two days. She is not in a mood to come back here it seems. Perhaps next time I will give your number to her. Even I have not saved her number, don’t want to mix her with me anymore,” he replied bending his head to perhaps hide darker emotions.

Ramya nodded uncomfortably.

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“I am not very happy about your new found cosiness with Suyash. Remember you are playing with fire in his case,” Shekhar spoke sharply.

“You are over thinking on the subject. Neither is there any cosiness between him and me nor is he that kind of a man,” Ramya snapped back.

“Its my subtly warning to you. All I can say is that this might be more than what you can handle. If things go the wrong way only God can help you,” he spoke threateningly.

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Ramya reached home and found another letter waiting to be read. But her mind was filled with many thoughts. She felt emptying them would help her move on to the next one.

Dear Mallika,

It seems like this place has a different attachment for me now. It is here in this place I thought of the first time I met you and strangely it is the same place where I am now meeting you each day. Every time a letter opens, a bag of memories thoughts, feeling spill over. Some have been conveyed through words and some without it. Strangely they evoke not sympathy but empathy in me. I feel it could be me, I sometimes wonder if that road accident was meant for me and not you. Like I am living a life on debt, given by you to me. 

Not given but lent. And so inside my heart I have a desire to live it exactly as you would have wished it to be.

I want to teach those kids again. I want to go find out more about your parents. I feel this insane urge to meet whatever family is left from your side. And most importantly I have this crazy idea of getting you published somehow. Find your work and do something with it. Mallika its like in this banal life which had no purpose you have given me a direction. Rich and famous perhaps not but worthwhile, yes.

I will never know why you selected me, but whatever that reason maybe I am happy I was chosen to receive these letters.


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“Are you sure those were the kids she taught?” Ramya asked the landlady.

“Yes I am very sure. In fact one of them is my own grandchild,” she replied smilingly.

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