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Are you also selling yourself to earn money?


Ramya stared at the last line of the letter again.

“Shekhar, am I selling myself to earn money?” she spoke softly into the phone.

“What are you saying? Are you alright?” his troubled voice came from the other side.

“Mallika seems to say that I am selling myself to earn money,” she stuttered.

“Ramya, Mallika is dead. You need to stop reading those letters,” he screamed back.

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“It was a very bad time for her,” Suyash replied, watching a visibly shaken Ramya.

“But you know she is not wrong. I am in a way party to the whole business. I am one step ahead in fact,” she replied quietly.

“Take a day off. You are not looking alright to me. And remember Ramya Mallika never for once regretted her decision and neither do all these women,” he spoke these words with a certain amount of authority.

                                   *                                         *                                     *
“Can you please give me those letters?”Suyash spoke through the phone.

“I will call you back. I have come to meet someone. In an hour’s time I will be free,” Ramya hurriedly kept the phone.

She stared at the light brown door again.

She half knocked when it flew open. This time the man opened it.

“I was waiting for you. You didn’t seem okay on the phone,” he said these words while ushering Ramya inside.

She slumped into the chair in the hall. And for sometime decided to not speak.

The last letter had made her frantic. She had too much inside and had to let that all out.

“What happened?” Abhimanyu spoke softly.

“Its Mallika. Her letters make me feel something inside. Helpless. Knowing that she has died suffering all that she did, creates a wave of emotions in my heart. We could not save her. Her worst fear was to die like her parents and she died in a road accident. Her first wish was to change her house so that she could be away from that world and she was forced into it. She tried to save those kids by teaching them and today one of them is already being sent away to clients. Her life is full of disappoints and now she has left all of that for me. What can I do? I am also coping up with my own problems. What should I do?” At the end of this Ramya started to cry, silently.

Abhimanyu made no moves to calm her down, he quietly watched her cry. It was when the sobs got shifted to sniffs that he attempted to speak.

“If those letters are a pain to you then give them back to me. I would be okay with keeping them. After all I have stored her manuscripts with me as well. Another piece of her writing can come and reside with me,” he began to speak slowly.

Ramya looked up surprised, “you have her manuscript?”

He nodded.

“Can I have it?” She asked expectantly.

“Moments back you were regretting her letters and now why would you want more of her writings?” he asked rather surprised.

“Those were my moments of weakness. Can I please get her writings?” she insisted again.

                                  *                                             *                                           *

“Yes, Suyash you called me,” walking out of Abhimanyu’s house she called him.

“Are you okay?” he asked.

“I am fine. Was it something important?” she asked.

“Nothing as such. I was saying that since her letters are affecting you so badly, why not give those letters to me,” he replied.

“No, no. I am okay, I need another favour from you. Do you know any publisher?”Clutching the manuscript tightly, she spoke.

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