“This has been quite a series of incidents for you today. I can safely assume that Karnal train will be long gone by now,” he said, slightly tilting his head to meet her eyes.

*                                 *                             *
Ramya was fifteen when she first sensed it. This odd feeling of being an outcast. Her parents belonged to a humble setup and so buying pretty clothes or a mobile phone never quite seemed an easy option to consider. And with the departure of these commodities went the luxury of having friends. And along with deprivation came determination. Her fight against time began. She knew what she wanted to be, rich and famous. 
“How strange does this seem no?” she suddenly spoke.
“What?” Shekhar asked a little surprised to see her speak.
“This long line of people to watch a celebrity. I mean what will they achieve by meeting him?” she spoke in that same incredulous voice.
Shekhar laughed, “well do you know some of these are pooling money to build a temple for him.”
“Really? In India religion is the only answer to people’s issues it seems. You cannot meet a celebrity easily, get him a temple and pray to him each day. Craziness,” with that she rose to close the window of the room.
“Ramya, what have you decided?” the closed window suddenly blocked the hustle bustle of the street below and Shekhar’s words echoed for a while.
Ramya didn’t reply instantly. She remembered that her mother’s last words before her departure from the house had been the same. Back then too she had only remained silent.
“You do realise this cannot go on. Doing odd jobs for months was alright but this has now slipped into a year. Decide on an action plan and perhaps choose to stick to it,” his voice took a serious tone.
But she did have an action plan, Ramya thought. It had an end result she never thought the in between was so important. When she had taken that train from Karnal she knew she had to be rich and famous. Now also she knows only that.
Ramya nodded uncomfortably and said, “Last three months and if nothing happens. I am gone.”
                                       *                                 *                             *
It seemed funny how a phone call saved her from giving in again. Yes again. This wasn’t the first time she was going to board that train. 
“Is Mahesh in here?” she had asked politely. This five foot eight inches guy facing her on the other side on the door looked zapped. 
“I am sorry but he has moved out last month,” he replied politely. 
Ramya stared at the piece of paper in her hand. This was the only address she knew in Mumbai, it was her cousin’s address. She had no choice but to return. Tears started to roll down her cheeks.
“Please don’t cry! Here give me your number I will let you know if I find him,” he continued hurriedly.
And it was flat two hours later, when she was sitting on the same bench on the platform waiting for the train, she got a call.
In the end she had politely asked him, “Could I please know your name?”
“Its Shekhar,” came the quick reply. 
                                      *                                 *                             *

“This is the fresh set of bookings. I want you to finish them in an hour’s time. Ask each of them for advance bookings also,” Suyash threw a fresh sheet of paper in front of Ramya and swiftly turned around to walk out of the room.

“Sir, excuse me,” she suddenly found voice and courage to speak.

He froze in his steps and slowly turned around to face him. In that moment of deep frown on his face, she almost lost her will to continue speaking. But then somehow the curiosity got better of her.

“What exactly are these bookings for?” she spoke in a meek voice.

                              *                                            *                                        *
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