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Dear Ramya,

Now looking back at all those letters starting with ‘Dear Friend’ it sounds a little funny to me. I wonder if you can call me a friend. But what you did for me today, I believe I can. Or rather I am calling you a friend.

Its been a long time. I feel its been ages. I wish I could meet you again and tell you some things in person. But because I cannot leave such things to risk and fate, so I will write.

The world I came from had wronged me possibly on all counts. A family who left me in life by moving towards death. A boy friend for whom I had suddenly become too much of a wanton and hence threw me out. A city which reeked of a pyre made of dreams, decided to provide me all its worst. 

And then my child. I wonder if she will ever forgive me knowing the truth about my life.

Suyash promised me a lot of things. Security, love and of course marriage. Out of this I could only furnish love in the form of my child. 

He used me. By now I do believe you have figured things out. Reading my letters and then finding clues must have brought you to the truth.

When money and deprivation did not work, he used love. 

I know you too like me want to prove a point to this world. A world which has wronged you on many counts. Go and find those who are more wronged by you. Remember even those who seemed to have troubled you, had their own battles to fight. No one is spared here. 

And if each decided to wage a war for their own share, imagine what it would be like.

Take that long forgotten train back home. Go enjoy whatever little of this life is left. Remember that mirages have only caused pain to travelers and by the time the oasis came, many had perished only dreaming of it.

Five years. It’s been five years since I came to this land of dreams. And in a strange moment today I was transported back again to that day I touched base from the station. And that moment was when I saw you standing in front of me. 

I have been there and done that. I know there is a lot that goes through your mind each day. But this world has used us for our weakness. And the weakness is our will to persevere. They enjoy this never giving up affair we have with life and dreams. Success mocks us and failure tries to bed us through all wrong means and ways.

The only bit of my life which felt loyal was that journey back home. It beckoned me like an old friend, trying to drill sense in me when all felt lost. But I acted like any other human being would, I dismissed all good intentions and decided to discover my own advice.

And all I discovered were more problems each day. So when Suyash suggested that I allow myself to walk away from Ayesha and her life, I agreed. Not because I was weak, but because I didn’t want to shadow my child’s life. I watch her from far. On weekends I meet her. She reads now, even writes. She says she wants to be a writer. Is it my bad karma? Or perhaps my strife?

They say parents’ account of good deeds gets transferred to child. I believe I am to start my own account soon then. And with this letter perhaps I have convinced you to return home. If I can make even one life go back to doing what is best for them and saving them from more agony. I believe I have done my bit.

I hope to see you in another life in a better setup in a dreamless sleep and yes of course in an oasis of happiness. 

Among deserts we walk, 

and in pain we shred. 

I found water,

Mirage was spread.


Ramya only remained seated for a few minutes. Her hands had been shaking all along. But a part of her knew there was more. More than what even Mallika had come to believe. And so there was no time for tears or pain, there was only enough time for some last time action.

She suddenly got up, packed all her bags and left.

to be contd. at It had to travel further to save lives-Part 30

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