Contd from Love Mallika-Part 8

Ramya could not proceed any further.

Sleep was yet to arrive but it seemed like a better fellow to follow than the trajectory of the writings at hand. It was late into the night and up until the wee hours of the morning that thoughts of the events gone by haunted her. Peace was already available in less quantity and now it seemed to have gotten over completely.

And by eight while packing her purse for the day, the resolve that had started as a small grain of thought in the night had firmed up into a full blown intention for the coming times.

                                 *                                      *                                       *

“But she died. We have already given up her room on rent. We cannot help you, thank you ma’am,” the croaky voice of the coarse looking woman deterred Ramya only for a while. She was quick to innovate on her approach.

“Can you give me the name and number of the present occupant?”she asked very sweetly.

The woman grunted slightly but then decided to provide the details anyways.

Having received the information Ramya proceeded for work. She mentally decided to return during lunch.

                                 *                                      *                                       *

“You have been keeping very much to yourself ever since you have joined back after the incident,” Suyash’s voice startled her.

She looked up at him only to find that he had a wistful look on his face. A look she could not understand in her limited outlook on the man.

“The incident?” she asked confusedly.

He laughed, in a very surreptitious way, something bordering on being sinister and yet with a hint of truthfulness in it.

“There is nothing that is hidden from the ongoings of this place. If I have hired you then its my prerogative to know everything that happens in your life,” he remarked.

She remained silent. She knew there was something else to this conversation and being patient might reveal some new terms.

“Mallika was one of my oldest employees. And it did surprise me when I came to know a part of her belongings were left to you. Of course I could not understand the whys of her mind. But most importantly I could not understand the details of that package,” he finished this on a hint of expectancy.

But she was not going to relent so easily. This time she only smiled.

“I have my ways. I will find out what was in it. And some of my ways are not so friendly. This conversation is the most comfortable procedure to divulge the information, Ramya. I do hope you understand me,” he spoke in an evil tone this time. Pure sinster intentions flooded his face.

Ramya nodded uncomfortably.

                                                *                                     *                                  *

“But why didn’t you want to tell him what it was?” Shekhar looked troubled hearing the new development on Suyash’s side.

“I don’t know. Perhaps if he had asked me sweetly I would have told. It was the tone he was using, it made me rebellious. And what worse can happen?” Ramya replied candidly.

“I don’t trust this man. And I do believe he has his ways to get things done. Those ways are not eco-friendly,” he still looked perturbed from the events of the day.

                                               *                                      *                                   *

And then there are times I think perhaps death will be welcome. Be it of any kind. How I wish I could read your mind right now. Really did I die a violent death?

Its been a few months that I have shifted in Mumbai. Presently I am living in a not so good area. Hell I am living in a red light area. But soon I will shift in a better setup. For now my pocket can allow only this. Don’t worry I am not ‘you know what’. I am going to find myself a job tomorrow. And with that I will be able to allow myself a better place.

And I forgot to tell you something. Suyash. Suyash had helped me a lot in my settlements. I wonder how can I ever thank him enough. Wow, that felt weird. I just realised this is the first real person I mentioned in the letter besides my parents. And my parents are dead. Am I still friends with Suyash?

How I wish I could read your mind right not.

Love Mallika.

And with that Ramya folded the first letter and put it in a separate drawer in her table.

to be contd. at A writer-Part 10

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