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“Hello, Shekhar. Can I ask you something? What is your purpose of life?”Holding the phone in one hand and eyeing the letter on the table, Ramya spoke these words with some confusion.

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And those feelings which Mallika had described were so real for Ramya. And yet she did not know what the purpose of her life? She read Mallika’s letter again and realised that it spoke to her a million questions. It suddenly began to doubt her sense of living. What is the purpose of my life? Ramya kept on thinking.

Before she knew it, Ramya had reached work. She was late by ten minutes today a fact augmented by intimidating presence of Suyash sitting on the chair.

“These bookings need to be finished in the next one hour. And remember you have to go and meet these women today. They are having some salary issues, go talk to them. Settle it for me. Do not let them call me once more for this,” with these words and a piece of paper on the table, he went downstairs in a huff.

Ramya lifted the paper to read. Some of the names had started to become a regular now. Every now and then she as calling them for bookings. They even began to address her on first name basis. Something that perturbed Ramya to no ends.

She quickly got over with the list. There had been another four who confirmed today. More often she thought of her first day in there. How nervous she was, how aware of what she was doing and yet sacred to admit to herself.

Is that the purpose of her life? Placing such bookings each day? Ramya quickly dismissed the idea from her mind. Of course not.

                                      *                                     *                                   *

It was lunch time. And she decided to put it to good use. She asked Shekhar out for some coffee.

“Why do you need to know this?” he asked, looking slightly amused.

“We all have a purpose in life. What is yours?” she persisted.

He looked to be in some deep thought.

“My purpose is very simple. I want to provide for my parents for the rest of my life. Nothing grand or extraordinary, just support them for as long as they are around,” he answered, looking very serious in that moment.

Ramya reflected on her own life. Even now her parents send back some money each month. She had never been able to send a rupee back home. If this is her purpose in life, then she is failing miserably at it.

“And what should be my purpose?” she asked, suddenly adoring a very child-like voice.

He laughed, “How am I supposed to be knowing that?”

                                       *                                      *                                  *

She was walking back to office, still lost in the entangles of her thought process when she remembered the second list. The women she had to meet regarding salary settlements. This was a first of its kind assignment for her. She moved back from the entrance to Suyash’s house and changed direction towards the other side of the area.

As and when the houses approached, her nervousness seered. She also remembered that one of the occupants of that area was Mallika a while back. This understanding did nothing to help subside her discomfort.

“Can I meet Anjali?” she asked the old caretaker of the building. Reading a newspaper with spectacles propped on his nose, he surely did not look to be the landlord to tenants of this kind.

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