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“I value people’s dreams. I know this life is not what they always want. Mallika was also one of them for me,” no one could know what went behind his ironclad face, but each time Mallika’s name floated around, it twitched into something different.

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“So she has mentioned me,” he spoke quietly.

It had been almost an hour of talking and Ramya had finally come down to the last letter.

“Yes she has on more than one occasion,” she replied.

There was a very deep thoughtfulness on Suyash’s face. One could not judge the pain that went behind those eyes but his reactions no matter how controlled did give way to some emotions.

“Thanks a lot Ramya. This means a lot to me. Will it be asking too much if I wanted to read the letters myself?” he looked up to meet her eyes.

“She left them with me. I am yet to know for what purpose. I promise each day I will narrate a letter as I read it. But for now I want to keep them with me, I have a feeling she would have wanted it that way,” she spoke softly.

He nodded slightly, acknowledging her wishes in better light.

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“And why did you finally agree to share the details with him? I thought you were vehemently against it,” Shekhar asked confusedly.

“There was something he told me that changed my outlook,” she replied, recalling the exchange which happened only hours ago.

“I loved her. But she was too proud to marry me. Said I was trying to buy her circumstances,” his words still rung in Ramya’s ears.

“Will you stop playing this hide and seek game, Ramya? Suyash Mittal knows how to manipulate people. Don’t fall for his theatrics,” Shekhar spoke angrily.

“What do you know about him? Its only the image he carries, dig a little deep he is a different man,” she replied defensively.

Shekhar didn’t reply anymore, he knew it was a lost case.

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Dear Friend,

Time in this place never moves forward. Each morning brings the chatter of these women and each night ends with them running around. Sometimes I feel sorry for them but then at all other times I tell myself they don’t deserve any one’s apology. They are their own free spirits. You should look at them fight and haggle over two-three hundred with clients. They have trivialised the word ‘sex’ for the world.

Sometimes they all huddle up and exchange stories, you need to hear them on first account basis. Hilarious. The way they mock the people they ‘serve’ is very funny. You do see a strain of dark humour in it but hell ya they are doing it out of their own free will. No one is forcing them to clean utensils and look after kids for free. I compare them with the sitting at home wives and I wonder what difference is there between them and these. In fact out of the two one is being paid!

But our society which is beyond logic creates all differences. They don’t see how conceptually wrong they are, they only flow with majority. Hypocrites. If tomorrow the wives get outnumbered by these I wonder what social evil poor married women will be made to bear. 

Its been a while since I have gone looking for work. It depresses me. The way they will reject you and yet eye you like a woman they would not read but perhaps do a lot more with. I feel like slapping them. the objectification of the woman in me outlives the writer. 

What is their salvation? And well who decides what sin is? Why is it a sin for a women for sells herself for sex and not for a woman who does it for some social security? What’s the difference? 


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