Contd from I want to live-Part 23

“Yes he is the same man,” Ramya replied haltingly.

                                                *                                  *                              *
His name was Ayush Kanwar. He was one of the richest businessmen in the city of Mumbai. And his first and only choice was always forever Mallika. They had been meeting almost every second day in the last three years. Nobody knew what was the reason behind is incessant interest but he paid a hefty amount as fees and so nobody cared.

“I have an appointment,” Ramya spoke to the receptionist sitting behind the desk.

“Mr Kanwar is in a meeting, you would have to wait,” came the crisp reply.

“Will you tell him it’s Ramya, Mallika’s friend,” Ramya persisted.

And in five minutes Ramya found the very man briskly walking to the reception desk.

“Where is she?” he spoke in a demanding voice.

The visibly shaken receptionist pointed towards Ramya.

“Please follow me inside,” he replied sharply.

                                               *                                  *                            *

“I hope I am not keeping you from something,” Ramya decided to start with some niceties.

“I don’t have time for your apologies. Can we get straight to the point?” he spoke harshly.

Ramya nodded uncomfortably.

“Its Mallika. She left me a stack of letters. And in that she has mentioned a few things I wanted to ask you about,” she started to speak in a low voice.

“Letters? She left you letters?” he looked surprised.

Ramya nodded again.

“What is it that you wish to ask me?” he spoke.

“Mallika mentions a man she loved. Do you know who he could be?” she asked, this time feeling the bead of sweat trickling down her back.

He stared at her and then suddenly started to laugh.

“You think its me? Right? Well I did love her but no she did not love me. For years I tried to buy her affection, all in vain. She loved someone else,” he replied.

“Could you tell me his name,” Ramya asked.

He didn’t reply and in another instant he took Ramya by hand and led her to the alley outside.

“It was nice meeting you. Now please don’t try to contact me again,” with this he turned around and left for his cabin.

                                               *                                      *                                 *

“Why are you getting yourself involved with all this?” Shekhar’s concern was very apparent in his tone.

“I need to. I feel an urge to sort her life,” Ramya replied, feeling exhausted emotionally and physically.

“She is dead. There is nothing to sort now. These people you are meeting they are notorious,” he replied.

“No I have to do it. I have a feeling I am very close to finding things,” she replied, again starting the thread of thoughts in her head.

                                                 *                                     *                                  *

Dear Mallika,

I know there is something you want me to do. Some unfinished business. I have been trying to figure it out but somehow the clues are very random. Sometimes I feel everything is in front of eyes and yet it isn’t. I wish you could talk to me, I wish you were here to show me the way. I am scared that time is running out.

I have this insane feeling inside that something terrible is going to happen.


to be contd…

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