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“In that case I might have to up my offer, officer. Perhaps money is not a great motivation for you. Is your healthy being one?” Saraswat tightened the grip on the gun in his pocket.

                               *                                       *                                         *

She was sitting on the side bench waiting for Azhar to arrive. A small hint of the sun on her back side and the weathered autmn leaves on the ground, Devyani enjoyed her time in perfect silence.

She picked up the novel again and began reading where she last left.

“Am I very late?” his soft voice broke her trail of thoughts suddenly.

She looked up, there he was with that soft hint of smile coupled with his deep eyes. She was in love and she knew it.

She tilted her head and nodded a bit. Indicating his crime would not go unnoticed.

“In that case I will make up for my mistake by doing whatever you ask me, sugar,” he spoke, the impish grin crawling up his face.

Her whole body froze at the word, ‘sugar’.

                             *                                       *                                         *

Because a part of her had started to hate him, Rajlakshmi thought. She could not understand what or why but as the day came near, her heart began to waiver.
“You have been acting weird, are you okay?” he would ask, suspiciously.
“Of course I love you but then I am nervous too,” she would reply meekly.

“She is happy. You do realise that right?” he answered, sensing her unspoken fear.

Rajlakshmi looked at her daughter playing at a distance. 
Then why doesn’t she look happy if it is so. Her daughter had become suddenly very quiet back then.
                             *                                       *                                         *

She was not happy. That was a fact. And Saraswat knew it. There was only one girl whom he had loved so much and that was his daughter. And he knew every single move of hers.

The way she batted her eyes when the man was around. And shifted her legs incessantly, Saraswat knew she was uncomfortable.

“Daddy, I want to stay with you here,” she would sometimes venture out to speak.

But then her mother would come flying in the room and without as much as a word sweep her away.

                             *                                       *                                         *
She was sensing a strange feeling of foreboding overcome her. Something was not right, she continuously thought. Why did she not want to continue with her plan?

“If you chicken out now, I will tell your husband about us. I have invested too much in you,” he threatened one fine morning.

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