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And in reply she got Devyani’s profound silence which of course spoke volumes in those minutes.
                            *                                           *                                          *
Devyani remained silent of course. What could she say? Why did she love Azhar? Was it because he looked so handsome when he wore that blue shirt? Or because he formed the only respite in her otherwise loveless life? Or that she knew there was never going to be anyone good enough for her and so why not him?
The questions that rose in her mind never found any answer. Because the answer already was with her. And she was deliberately not asking the right question to hoodwink herself into believing something else.
“Devyani, come down for dinner,” her mother called out to her from the kitchen.
“Two minutes,” she hastily replied.
Because though they told him a different story each day, they always told him about this one woman in his life. Sometimes she was the daughter, sometimes the wife. But this woman remained constant in his story.

Devyani shut the novel and ran downstairs for dinner.
                            *                                           *                                          *
And it was right here, after her husband leaves for work and daughter for college does Rajlakshmi snatch away a few moments of peace.
She sits down with her cup of tea and wheat biscuits and sits in absolute silence. And of course memories.
“But then what would you say to your daughter?” her husband had finally asked her one day.

“That I was always destined to be her mother,” she replied calmly.

“And if she ever finds out the truth?” he asked not dropping the hint of skepticism from his face even once.

“That I was always destined to be her mother,” she repeated the words, this time exuding some effort.
                            *                                           *                                          *
Mumbai. She could never quite understand why they chose this place. It wasn’t even like them, to be very honest. Yet after three years of being jobless and almost touching bankruptcy why did her parents pack their bags and move to this town, Devyani could never see. 
“It was some place very far,” her mother’s favourite reply and she would often carry that faraway look on her while speaking too.
” I got a job here. It was paying me, who cares whether it was Agra or Mumbai,” and her father always the practical one, was ready with his logical reply.
“Why are you not happy here?” and of course her mother would want to know Devyani’s reply too.
“Very happy,” she would quietly reply.
                            *                                           *                                          *
“And why is it so?” Rehana asked surprised slightly.
“What? As to why she loves Mumbai so much?” Azhar replied.
Rehana nodded slightly.
“She says it has a calming effect on her. The sea of faces everywhere, one can easily get lost in them,” he replied smilingly.
I prefer anonymity for myself and for the people around me. Azhar remembered her saying once. 

“But didn’t you say she likes to remain alone? Some place where there is no one?” she asked, quietly sipping the water on the side.
“Did I also not tell you she is very strange?” he answered with a hint of mockery on his face.

                               *                                           *                                               *

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