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Devyani could still remember that afternoon as if it happened only yesterday.

The summer afternoon sun, light lilting breeze and the raking sheets of sand all over. An empty street with not a soul in sight.

And in the middle of it all, her mother and that man staring at her with those audacious eyes.

“Say hello to uncle,” her mother’s obsequious voice returned to her ears again.

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Why didn’t I do it before? I have no idea, Rajlakshmi thought. But as soon as the idea of eloping formed in her mind, she decided she had to make her daughter meet the man who brought her to this world. It seemed like the natural next step.
Of course she had guilt pangs. Every step seemed heavy with passing time. But she was hurt. By life, by her father and her husband. And suddenly she found the motive to propel herself more into the decision.
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It was deliberate. Saraswat knew that his wife was purposefully planning to create this bond between the two. He could smell the conspiracy in the air. But what could he say or do? He was after all nothing more than a guardian from one point of view.
He only silently watched them interact, hiding behind his newspaper and coffee. But he was always having an eye on the two.
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“Don’t tell daddy that you meet him outside home too,” her mother quietly remarked.

“But why can I not tell him, ma?” she would innocently ask.

“Because you can’t,” her mother chided.
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For Saraswat his daughter was a reason to carry on with life. Yet he chose to remain silent and be a mute spectator to it all.
But all this got broken on the morning before the murder when found the letter.
“Because she is our daughter and needs both. She will come with us of course”

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“But ma why?” she insisted.
Rajlakshmi took a deep breath and sighed. She could see the pattern. With every passing day, her daughter was becoming more restless with the charades. The hidden meeting, the overtures of love by a strange man and the overall disconnect between her parents. Her mind was bursting with questions.
Rajlakshmi looked at her again, the eyes had not turned themselves away. Still demanding an answer.
“Because he is your father,” she replied in a low whisper.
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