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“There seems to have been an attack in her college. Someone from the main office called,” she overheard her mother telling this to someone.

                                *                                         *                                       *

After about two minutes of brisk walking he found a clearing the jungle. This time the footprints were clearer to him and they looked fresh. He started to follow them closely.

The swish-swash of the grass on the ground hitting against his boots formed the only sound in the jungle. He began to make quicker steps, something about the pregnant pause in the air scaring him.

His sense of direction told him that he was probably much further east now and it would be another few minutes of walking to reach the highway. He suddenly started to feel dejected, realising he had gone off the wrong trail again.

But just when he was about to turn around he saw them. Yes this time he saw both. Shining clearly in the streaming moonlight.

                                *                                         *                                       *

Rajlakshmi walked along, quietly and slowly. She maintained her distance all along to ensure that she remains hidden. The man himself could not sense her presence, more so because he was highly engrossed in a threatening but low toned conversation with his companion.

She wondered who it was and at this hour.

They were moving fast now and in one swift turn entered the jungle.

Rajlakshmi hesitated. It was the full moon night and the village had bee rife with the rumours of the demon. What if? She thought for a few seconds.

But then drive to know the truth propelled her. She hurriedly crossed the road and followed them inside.
                                *                                         *                                       *

Blinded by love. Yes that is what he had made her, she thought sitting on the table watching her husband place some calls. What could have happened if she had run away that morning? If he had not been murdered that night? Rajlakshmi shuddered with the thoughts in her head.
“I think they will be here any minute. Do you want to wake her up perhaps?” her husband spoke in soft tones.
She nodded.
                                *                                         *                                       *
Devyani was fully awake by the time her mother came. She had settled her clothes, washed her face and managed to tie her hair into a bun. To top it all she even had a smile pasted on her face.
“How are you feeling?” her mother asked.
“Better,” she replied with the smile intact.
“It will all get fine. They are on way. You need something to eat?” her mother replied.
She nodded in negative.
And what seemed like an everyday affair, the family collected at the dining table. Enjoyed the occasional tea and waited. 
                                *                                         *                                       *
Saraswat remained frozen for a long time. His mind was blank. It took him a good fifteen minutes to take stock of the situation. He stared at the full moon in the sky. 

He though to himself. Could it be true? Perhaps the villagers had been right.

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