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“You will regret this. There will be consequences. I gave you my life’s best five years. There is now looking back now,” he jeered, jerking his hand off.

                                    *                                            *                                  *

She was sweating all over, panting between gasps of short breaths. And her legs could barely support her weight now. Giving way to the cyclic convulsions her body was experiencing. She was scared and angry and in the mix of two feeling dizzy.

She could barely raise her hand to ring the bell.

Devyani stood in complete silence with the high overtures of fatigue running through her body, making every minute last that much longer. She could hear her mother’s footsteps approaching the door.

In one quick swipe the door opened, there she was, her mother, standing with one arm on her waist looking distressed.

“Mother, he has come back. He has returned,” and with these words Devyani fell.

                                   *                                            *                                  *

Rajlakshmi was sitting at home watching television when the doorbell rang. Something about the timing told her one of the two family members had returned. She wasn’t one bit happy with this realisation. She switched off the television and briskly walked towards the door.

In one quick swipe she opened the door, there she was, her daughter, barely able to stand shivering all over taking short breaths.

“Mother, he has come back. He has returned,” and with these words her daughter fell.

                                   *                                            *                                  *

Devyani could barely hear what her mother was speaking. She could only feel the slight sensation of being dragged indoors. And then the soft thud of lying on the bed.
Her mind was going in circles and all incidents merging into what seemed like a single moment. It seemed like her head would burst. And that sound, what was it. Consistently ringing inside her head.
“Mother I guess it is the telephone. Someone seems to be calling us,” she spoke in a barely audible whisper.
                                   *                                            *                                  *

Her daughter was in no position to walk inside. She was barely able to stand and her eyes looked dizzy.
Rajlakshmi half carried, half dragged her inside and made her lie down on the couch in the lobby.
She was still panting and sweating and her body was still shaking. Her clothes looked slightly disheveled and her hair were all over it seemed. In that moment Rajlakshmi had a strange sense of deja vu take over her.
“Mother I guess it is the telephone. Someone seems to be calling us,” her daughter spoke in a barely audible whisper.
Yes of course the telephone, amidst the sight that met her Rajlakshmi completely ignored the sound of it.
                                  *                                            *                                  *

Saraswat had started to hear the voice clearer. But they were now echoing through the silence in the jungle. And deciding the direction from which they came was becoming impossible now.

He took a few steps into the north end of the jungle but finding nothing, began to retreat. He was almost diverting himself toward the extreme left, when he heard that bloodcurdling scream.

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                                    *                                          *                                          *

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