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It was also the day he had found out about the other man in her life. How could he ever forget?

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Rajlakshmi was walking back home when he met her. He was fuming with anger, she sensed within seconds that her act had been found.

“I was reaching home. Why did you have to come all this way?” She spoke softly.

“How long has this been continuing?” he asked, his voice giving no voice to the turmoil within.

She didn’t reply. Only hung her head in shame. Yes she could not meet the man’s eyes, knowing fully well her guilt would consume whatever self esteem she had been left with.

His piercing eyes continued to demand the answer.

“Six years,” she replied, lowering her voice almost down to a whisper.

And hearing this he left.

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What could I do? Saraswat often thought. She was twenty five and a mother. Not a baby who had to be spoon fed. She knew what she was embarking upon. And what had I ever done for her to even demand something? I only remained silent for as long as I could. And of course that has continued for what seems like forever.

And in that moment he felt like he had lost the love of his life. His daughter.

                                      *                                 *                                   *

“Pass me that bottle,” he spoke sternly.

Devyani quietly pushed it along the table.

“All you had to do was pick it and give it to me. But no you had to make do with that screeching noise,” he snapped.

She only stared at him for a few minutes. Scornful, frowning and shriveled eyes her father didn’t even come close to the man she grew up with for the first five years of her life.

A happy, joyful and doting parent.

It seemed that night not one but two men were murdered. And her father’s better side was one of them.

“Why are you still around? Aren’t you getting late for college?” he suddenly raised his head and remarked.

                                      *                                 *                                   *

Rajlakshmi heard the tussle in the dining hall. It was not much of a tussle as a meek argument from her daughter’s side. Apparently her husband had again said something rude.

She slowly washed her hands in the sink and walked out.

“Devyani, now quickly go off to college. It is already nine,” she made way through the two of them and their voices.

And her daughter suddenly walked off in the middle of some words exchange.

“It is because of you that she has become so arrogant. You have let her get out of hand,” he continued to direct his anger at her now.

“Well she is my daughter and I will do whatever I wish to with her,” Rajlakshmi regretted the words the moment they were out.

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