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He took a few steps into the north end of the jungle but finding nothing, began to retreat. He was almost diverting himself toward the extreme left, when he heard that bloodcurdling scream.

                              *                                          *                                     *

The telephone. Rajlakshmi quickly walked across the lobby, keeping one eye on her daughter and picked up the phone.

She had only half heard the voice at the other end when she felt her legs giving way. She took the support of the chair on the side and steadied herself.

After about three minutes she kept down the phone and stared at her daughter who had by now gone off to sleep.

                              *                                          *                                     *

It was loud and clear. But despite the volume it still did not give any clear sense of direction to him. He followed the foot steps leading on the right. He had almost reached the far end joining the highway, when he heard the scream again. 

This one being louder than the last time and hence indicating that he was close.

He took a sharp u-turn and sprinted his way back inside the jungle.

                                *                                          *                                     *

Rajlakshmi had had another argument with her husband. She had again resorted to a night-walk to cool off her mind.

But then she had seen him talking to someone in the by lane. He with whom she was planning to start a new life next day, run off to another land. On a hunch, she decided to follow him.

She quietly began to walk on the side path, hiding her face with the other end of her dupatta.

It was very dark but she could make out that he was not alone. Someone else was walking alongside.

                               *                                          *                                     *

She picked up the phone and dialled a number. 
Rajlakshmi suddenly began to feel suffocated by the insane never ending silence in the house. Its warm, cozy blanket wrap was clearly absent. In fact today in that abject absence of sounds, the voices inside her head seemed louder. 
“It is me. Devyani came back from college early today. Something has happened. Again. I believe it is serious,” she spoke to the other person in hushed tones.
                               *                                          *                                     *

Devyani suddenly woke up. She found herself all alone on the couch. The mirror opposite to her on the wall revealed a mangled face. The strands of hair were still playing havoc with her eyes and the eyes themselves holding a disturbing emotion.
“There seems to have been an attack in her college. Someone from the main office called,” she overheard her mother telling this to someone.
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                                    *                                          *                                          *

And this time again, I am taking part in the thirty day writing challenge UBC. I have completed the challenge successfully twice before. Once in July and another time in October. Both these times I wrote a thirty-part running story and even released them as novellas. You can download them from The Other Side of Human love and The Unsent Life.

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