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“No that is not the case. She is very strange,” he replied very seriously.

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The novel was about a man who had lost all his memories and was now left at the mercy of some of his friends. They, for the sake of their own entertainment, each day told a different story about his identity.

Devyani felt her life was nothing but a charade. People came in played their parts, fooled her and had a good time. That’s it. Nothing seemed real to her. Like tomorrow she would wake up to another reality, to a different story.

“Will you have tea?” her mother’s soft voice filtered through the silence in the room.

Devyani chose not to reply. She didn’t want to hear another story. Another identity.

“Alright I am sorry. I promise I will never do such a thing next time,” she slowly entered through the door and inched her way towards Devyani.

Devyani pretended to read the book.

“Azhar gave you that book?” but her mother insisted on breaking the ice.

“Will you please leave me alone?” on hearing Azhar’s name from her mother, Devyani could not control herself and reacted.

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Rajlakshmi had at first resented the sight of her mother. Physically weak, always needing care and concern and not even worth a penny in a way. Her addition to the family, like every woman, was only a sense of dependency. In a way, a burden.

And so when her daughter was born, this feeling resurfaced, even stronger.

But where a daughter can hate her mother, the reverse is never true. Her heart dispelled all such thoughts in no time.

That is another case that her daughter different to her mother, was a rebel from day one. She was fiercely independent, always demanding things and challenging decisions and yes, restless.

In a way, a burden.

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“And why would you say it could be a woman?” her husband prodded the inspector.

You know there is something about the wounds. They are not clean. They cannot be operated with a strong hand. Because if you see he died not due to a single wound but many. He bled to death. And if it was a man he could have done it by a single stroke. Why create a mess?” he replied rather surreptitiously. 

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“Strange? Why strange? You are talking about this girl you love, right?” Rehana was not thrown aback as much as by the words as the expression on her brother’s face.

And in a flash he remembered Devyani, her flushed face on a cold winter morning. 

He smiled and said, “I am joking. I love her a lot.”

contd. at Who could she blame?-Part 7
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