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She walked up to the cupboard again and extracted the photograph from the file. Was his death a part of the price? She quietly thought, everytime.

                               *                                           *                                     *

And the months flowed into each other. Before she knew it, summers had arrived. She visibly felt better, color returned to her skin and even the fluctuating moods became more stable.

“Perhaps you have two Devyani’s inside of you. Each one surfaces according to season and time,” Azhar spoke in a mocking tone.

Devyani only laughed in return.

“Summers don’t have bad winds and shivering cold to pull me down. The sunshine wipes the memories away,” and before she knew it she had said the words she had no intention of speaking.

“Memories?” and he grasped the very word she wanted to hide.

“You know memories? Like the pain of going to school each morning and wearing ton loads of clothes. Those memories,” she casually dismissed and pretended to settle her hair on the side.

Azhar only stared at her for a while, “she is very strange”. He recalled his conversation with sister again.

                               *                                           *                                     *

Rajlakshmi also better with the advancing times. Summers also meant less time with her husband. His official tours always began in mid year. And her daughter too remained in better spirits thus ensuring a regular pattern of her college attendance.

In all, Rajlakshmi could spend more time alone at home. Something she always looked forward to.

It is not that she never loved the two. Just that she hardly got a chance to love herself she thought. Or perhaps she really didn’t have the capacity to love anyone.

She scrapped the last bit, she knew that would be completely wrong. They were instances when she had loved many. And when I say many, I mean many, she thought.

She quietly went up to the cupboard again and took out the file. It had his photograph. It even had clippings of the murder case.

A young man of twenty five found brutally murdered under mysterious circumstances in Koramanhi village. He is survived by his parents and a younger sister. He had returned home after completing his studies from the nearby city. His only friend in the village, Ramu seems to be under an impression of foul play. But when police questioned him, he refused to divulge details. He has been taken away for further questioning. Of course a few of the villagers strongly believe it is something supernatural that has caused his sudden death. They claim a demon was resurrected on the night of the murder and he is responsible for the brutal killing. And the little girl who found the dead body has been rendered unstable due to shock. Police is now trying to piece the mystery together. 

At five foot ten inches, he looked as young as twenty when he first met her. Rajlakshmi only stared at those wondrous brown eyes which still managed to pierce through her heart. They were both young, he was single she was married and something somewhere sparked. Of course when returned back to the village after his graduation, they both behaved as if they were strangers. But for how long could they run away from the past.

“If only you had the courage to walk the path with me,” Rajlakshmi could still remember his words till the last day. That very morning they had met near the village river. His insistence to run away was always met with resistance from her side.

“My life is here. It belongs in that house now. Whatever happened was only my moment of weakness,” and she always had the same reply.

She doesn’t know what her life would be if she had perhaps accepted his proposal. In her moments of loneliness she always sits and dreams of that life though. Every time it gets better and every time it is more hard to break away to reality.

                               *                                           *                                               *

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