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“Just that the murderer might have been a woman,” he replied in a hushed voice.

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“What is it that you need?” Devyani’s sudden outburst took her mother by surprise.

She quietly went about doing her kitchen chores.

“Mummy, why are you so hell bent on making my life hell!” But Devyani inched up her volume and carried on.

“I only thought you needed rest and hence I asked him to come later,” her mother replied very quietly.

“I was in my room reading. And you knew that. Why did you lie to him?” She was almost shivering with anger now.

Her mother turned slowly, she stared at Devyani for a while before finally speaking, “I don’t think that boy is a good influence on you.”

“I am not here to take orders from you. I am not you, a door mat. And please remember that,” she finished speaking these words and stormed out of the kitchen.

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Despite all troubles that rocked her marriage, Rajlakshmi never gave up. After all where else could she go? What else could she do?

“Will you ever understand what is the basic difference between whiskey and rum? I said rum and coke. What is inside your head? Wood?” and her husband in response too never gave up, on humiliating her.

A doormat. Is that what she called me? I wonder why? Rajlakshmi thought.

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“Oh she is strange, very strange,” Azhar spoke in a lighthearted tone.

“What do you even mean by that?” Rehana, his sister asked.

“One moment she is the most talkative girl you will ever meet. And in next second all of a sudden, a mute spectator,” he remarked.

“That’s just how usually girls are,” she replied in jest.

“No that is not the case. She is very strange,” he replied very seriously.

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