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She realised that the light rush of the signature at the bottom was getting blurred due to the sudden flow of her eyes.

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It was a little after two that she reached home. The headache had not subsided and there was a lilting pain in her eyes. She quietly went upstairs and decided to take a nap for sometime.

But sleep was far from her mind. She lay there for close to an hour and did not even catch a wink. Her head was filled with weird questions. All going in circles, in loops. And she knew that there was a concentric reason pattern in all. Her conscious refusing to accept the central theme.

Why did I flinch when he touched me? Why is it that there is this photograph always in the cupboard? Why do I think they are all against me? Why Azhar out of all the people? What did mother mean when she said, he is a bad influence? Is there more to him than I know? Why do they never believe me that the man died twice? Will I ever know the truth behind his murder? Why do I want to know the truth behind his mother? Who is he to me that bother so much?

Her mind was bursting with answers. Like it knew everything, every detail and wanted to narrate it all to her. But then her conscious played hide and seek like always. Leaving the thoughts trail only to end with questions.

Because some truths have no business to be revealed.

                           *                                                *                                                *

Rajlakshmi slowly walked towards the kitchen. She had heard her daughter come home. She knew lunch for two had to be made and peace for one sacrificed.
Am I a bad mother? She suddenly thought. Why else do I not wish to spend time with my daughter? But then by that logic I am a worse wife. But then that has been established long back and needs no further digging. 
She quietly washed the vegetables for lunch.
“I promise there will be no looking back once you decide to come with me,” he had said to her.

And she had not gone. She had decided to stay with her duties, her life, the society that brought her up and yes her principles. But wasn’t love the basis of everything? Did she not believe in that too?
“Mummy, ” she heard her daughter call out for her.
But then love is what defines all relationships. And ironically while making one choice based on love, that same choice propels you to sacrifice another similar one.
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“The murder motive is not very clear. He had left his house around eight after having dinner. He had gone out under the pretext of going out for a walk. And he had stumbled upon a few friends on way. They had shared a couple of beers and then the group split for a walk back home. Of course no one knew why he had not returned home but rather stray deep into the jungle,” the police inspector was sipping his whiskey on the side and narrating whatever details about the case he had concluded.

“He was not alone while going into the jungle,” Saraswat spoke in a monotonous voice.

“What do you mean by that?” the police inspector spoke surprisingly.

“How much money do you need to shut this case officer?” he replied still maintaining bland tone.

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