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“If you chicken out now, I will tell your husband about us. I have invested too much in you,” he threatened one fine morning.

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Invested? It was a rather harsh word to use for love. No? But then perhaps it was his anger speaking.

Rajlakshmi was feeling heavy inside. One month later it would be his sixteenth death anniversary. And that just made her weird. Her daughter would begin to start her cyclic mood swings. Her husband more cranky. And she?

Invested. Yes that is how they had started to see each other. Five years and one daughter is a good deal of investment. No?

Did he pay all of it back by his death? She wondered.

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 She almost stumbled back home. Her eyes were dreary. Her lips dry. She had walked all the way back from college. Not bothered to board a bus or a rickshaw or anything.
“Sugar,” he had said those words unwittingly. But what did he know what they did to her.
“You are to call me daddy, sugar. Always,” he would speak through gritted teeth at times.

Even at five she could feel the fear his eyes subjugated her to. There was less love and more menace in them. He wanted to complete something, they always looked on a mission. Hungry. Insatiable.
“He loves you, honey. More than anyone else ever has,” her mother would allay her apprehensions. Building pictures of a better future and love, together as a family.
Devyani would only shake her head. Clutching the doll tighter.
                            *                                           *                                            *

She ran off. Just like that. He was walking on the side path, following the man who he despised utterly. She ran off. He kept saying these words in his head. He wanted to understand why or what would he explain to the family. Where had his wife and kid gone? 

Perhaps this man could provide some answers. He quickened his pace, realising that the gap between him and the man had increased.

He could hear voices ahead. They led him through the jungle. Who was he speaking to? And why was there this sense of urgency in him? Like he was on a path to mission?

Slowly there was no sound of footsteps to lead him. Not even voices. Somewhere he had taken a wrong turn.

And suddenly the sound of a heated argument. The voices returned, this time loud and audible.

“I told you there is no looking back now. You did not listen to me. Did you?” the man was clearly not in a good mood.

                            *                                           *                                            *

Rajlakshmi had started to have her doubts. Long before her daughter had started complaining. Perhaps the charm had worn off or the reality of running away dawned on. Whatever it was the silver lining was fast evaporating.

“I think we need to take some time before we pull this through,” she finally voiced her concerns one day.

“Why my love,” he suddenly inched closer and squeezed her hand.

She looked down at the entangled hands. Strange she didn’t feel a thing.

“It is all not sounding right to me anymore. You know Saraswat has done a lot for me. I always complain never speak about the good sides of my marriage,” she whispered.

He looked on, somewhere far. His face giving nothing away.

“You will regret this. There will be consequences. I gave you my life’s best five years. There is now looking back now,” he jeered, jerking his hand off.

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