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“Because he is your father,” she replied in a low whisper.

                                     *                                   *                                    *

And that changed everything, Rajlakshmi thought. She finally started to put the wheels in motion. She knew there would be repercussions but then the choice was never going to be without them anyways.

“My father?” and her daughter all of five could not quite get it. She felt it was some sort of a term for a ‘good uncle’.

And Rajlakshmi let it be at that.

In pieces though he would ask her to call him, ‘daddy’ and she did comply happily.

The perfect dream was being etched right in front of her eyes. Little did she know all preparing her for the final showdown.

                                    *                                   *                                    *

“Daddy?” she would ask surprisingly.

“Yes in this game you have to call me daddy and I will call you my sugar, understood?,” he replied smilingly.

It was that smile, Devyani thought. She couldn’t quite forget it.
Father? Was he? Really? She had often sat in silent spaces of her mind and tried to piece it together. But every time she felt as if parts of her memories were missing. 
Like incidents had evaporated overnight.
                                    *                                   *                                    *

Saraswat knew something was going on behind his back. He had seen his wife sneaking out of back doors for a long time. But slowly he had started to see her walk out with his daughter as well. And this all made him very uncomfortable. 
That morning when he found the letter he realised how much of it was already damaged. And he had been the mute, helpless spectator to it all.
“Now that she has readily started to call you daddy, soon she will accept you too. This will be all about us, one complete family.”

                                    *                                   *                                    *

Till the last moment, Rajlakshmi had no idea what might happen the next day. She was in two minds all through. Watching her husband come back home, sit calmly at the table serve himself food watch television and sleep suddenly seemed like a huge blanket of comfort for life. But then she remembered the racy love life she enjoyed with the other man. And something about it enticed her to dismiss all negative thoughts.

Of course she had never considered that his death and not her indecision could be the reason for the plan being failed.

Was she relieved after all?

                                    *                                   *                                    *

“You tell me how much money do you need to shut the case, officer,” Saraswat insisted.

In those few moments he realised that the man was very serious about the offer. He had no idea why or what made him feel scared. Like there was something to the tune of being possessed in the other person. He quietly kept the whiskey on the side and stood up.

“Mr. Sarswat we are inching closer and closer towards the murderer. And given the new found analysis of the footprints near the body, we feel we will take a few more weeks to crack the case. I would recommend you to back out on your offer. Or else proposing a bribe to an honest policeman will be one of your first crimes to start with,” he jeered.

But Saraswat looked unperturbed. He suddenly found thin thin line between courage and daredevilry.

“In that case I might have to up my offer, officer. Perhaps money is not a great motivation for you. Is your healthy being one?” Saraswat tightened the grip on the gun in his pocket.

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