Contd from: In a way, a burden-Part 6

He smiled and said, ” I am joking. I love her a lot.”

                                 *                                         *                                               *

But once her mother left the room, Devyanni felt ashamed. Furious with herself for having taken such an insolent course of behavior, all for a man who was yet to say he loves her. 

Each day told a different story.

“Mother,” she hastily walked out of the room, turning her way towards kitchen and forgiveness.

                                *                                        *                                              *
Why blame me? He often thought. It is not that Saraswat could not see what his actions were doing to his young wife. But then could you blame me? He insisted in his head.
Twenty and married to a woman he hardly knew. He felt like a commodity, sold off for a bargain out of which only his father benefited. 
“I am doing this for you. All this money, property is for you,” his father reasoned.
Of course after twenty years too he could not buy any of those reasons. But now he doesn’t say anything to anyone. He has in fact forgotten what his own voice sounds like. Except of course when he is in anger. Which for the past ten odd years has been a perpetual state of his life. 
Twenty and married. A father five years later. And all this while being madly in love with another man.
Yes could you blame him? He was living a borrowed life right from the start.
                                *                                        *                                              *
And those sleepless nights when there was no one to meet, no one to see. Rajlakshmi lay wide awake. Her husband who was not even ready to sleep in the same room as hers was working late, again. She wondered what had she done to receive this. Perhaps another day of fast would make things better? Or a few trips down to the local pandit? What could she do to make things better? Who could she blame?

                                *                                        *                                              *

“Do you really think he is a bad influence on me?” and amidst chopping of vegetables and stirring of rice, she asked.

Her mother didn’t look up. She was afraid her expressions might communicate more than the words she would eventually speak.

She took some time before formulating a reply inside her head. And to buy time pretended to be engrossed in the impending recipe on the side.

“Azhar, do you think I should stop seeing him?” But Devyani persisted, adamant to get her answers to the question.

” It is not his influence that bothers me so much as much as your reasons to be with him,” she spoke but not once did she raise her head. Carried on with the kitchen chores aimlessly.

And in reply she got Devyani’s profound silence which of course spoke volumes in those minutes.

                               *                                           *                                               *

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