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“Well she is my daughter and I will do whatever I wish to with her,” Rajlakshmi regretted the words the moment they were out.

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She was not wrong. Of course the words had hit me where they hurt most, my heart. But she wasn’t wrong. Saraswat lay in his bed thinking.

It wasn’t long before he had put two and two together. She was five, they had been dating for six. And something about his night life told him fathering a child was definitely not his forte. Of course he gave himself the benefit of doubt and continued to enjoy the feeling of being loved by someone. But that one summer afternoon shattered everything.

He still continued to drive himself away from the truth. But the night that man got murdered, it seemed like the words got written in stone for Saraswat.

                                  *                                     *                                   *

Who could she tell? Who could she explain how much damage that one night had done to her? She was planning to run away with her daughter.
Yes after years of falling in line with society and customs, she had finally given up. She had decided to pursue it all. Her love, her dreams and her choices.
But like every time, her life was not her own it seemed. Always on autopilot mode, never for once letting her take charge.
It was the morning of that winter night which spelled another phase of doom for her.
And that letter, filled with promises of love and hope was kept as it is, unsent.
                              *                                     *                                   *
She was almost getting there when she found her mother sitting with another man. Suddenly reaching school looked like the last thing on her mind.
It wasn’t accidental. They had planned to meet her on way. But Devyani was one dazed child in that moment.
“Say hello to uncle,” her mother softly rebuked.
She had seen him come home every once in a while but she had hardly ever met him as such. And something about his eyes gave her a rather discomforting shift.
“Hello,” she answered meekly.
“And what a pretty young lady we have here,” he spoke in a sweet, soft voice and with that over confident smile he was always very famous for.
“Ahh she has taken to her mother in all aspects,” her mother spoke happily.
Looking back Devyani could still remember the look on her mother’s face. One she had never seen, an expression of love, happiness and something very deep. Something which came closest to the word, ‘hope.’
                              *                                     *                                   *
It was only a day before the night of murder that Saraswat had found the letter in the closet.
“Because your love has transpired all barriers of my heart, I choose to give up the barriers of this society.

Yours and only yours,

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