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In between silent tears, he spoke, “officer, it is my daughter who killed him.”

                                *                             *                                     *

He watched her silently from behind the lonely tree. Two drops of tears rolled down his cheeks.

What has it come down to? Is it true? Is she the demon I have been dismissing as a rumour? His thoughts wandered.

In that moment she turned. Stunned to realise she has company. Her face darkened with a set of mixed emotions. 

And then suddenly she started to cry.

“Papa, papa, he died. He died,” she went on repeating incoherently.

Saraswat rushed toward her and hugged her tight.

                               *                             *                                     *

The soft hum of the winds outside rattled the windows inside. Rajlakshmi lay wide awake listening to them.
Her daughter was sleeping on the side. Her constant breathing marked a strange halo of peace for Rajlakshmi. Reminding her that she is thankful for quite a few things in her life.
She could never find out how many times that man had sexually assaulted her daughter. But the news of his death brought about a well demanded closure. Little did she know about the incidents before that night. But then when she saw an inconsolable five year old narrate bit by bit things he had done to her, she could not find space in her heart to forgive the mother in her.
Did she suspect it all along? Not even for the slightest of a moment. But she had started to cast her doubts on the relationship as such. She could no longer find love in his eyes as the driving factor. His expressions reeked of ulterior motives.
Of course having realised it after his death what those motives really were, she cursed as to why did she not kill him, herself.
                               *                             *                                     *

Saraswat allowed the child to weep for a while. Only after she could compose herself did he ask her what happened.

“He always brought me here papa, and he touched me everywhere. Even made me take off my clothes. And then he would,” she could not continue. She had started to cry again.

His whole body cringed. He hugged her more tight. For once he was thankful to god he wasn’t the one with the iron rod tonight.

He might have done worse than what his daughter had done.

“But daddy he died, somebody killed him,” she spoke innocently.

Saraswat looked stunned for a few seconds. He stared back into her eyes and realised something was amiss. Like suddenly the anger and vanquish she had shown minutes ago had all evaporated.

                               *                             *                                     *

“Devyani, are you still there,” the slumber stricken voice of the doctor slowly seeped in her ears.
The room was in perfect silence except for the occasional ticking of the clock. It was also dimly lit and the two chair formed the only part of the furniture inside.
“Devyani is not here at the moment,” a very strange voice emanated from her.
“Why did you come back? Had we not decided your work was done long back that night? You remember you killed him with the iron rod. It is now over,” the doctor continued in a bland voice.

                                *                                          *                                        *

And this time again, I am taking part in the thirty day writing challenge UBC. I have completed the challenge successfully twice before. Once in July and another time in October. Both these times I wrote a thirty-part running story and even released them as novellas. You can download them from The Other Side of Human love and The Unsent Life.

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